From my own experience I know how is very difficult to break out our own everyday Programs and Rituals.

Which are in many cases causing a lot of our deseases and leads inevitably to ilnesses of our Bodies and Souls.

I also know, that majority of opinions and ideas of people "who have been already there behind the curtain", as me f.e. experienced OBE (Out of the Body Experience), NDE (Near Death Experience) or healed themselves from incurable deseases as was a Cancer in My Story.

Its s not easy to understand them and tune into their energy stream, at all.

From this simple reason, I have decide to write my Blog at My Journey website.

I have started it from clear reason to give you - my lovely readers opened guidance and clarify some of my approaches and insights helping me to heal myself from my final stage of reccured Cancer.

As well as my special insights of some of current Life situations we are mutually experiencing here on our planet - Mother Earth or just give you some of my advises how to heal your Body and Soul.

Dear Readers and Health Seekers,

Uplifting wisdom of Spontaneous remission from reccured final stage Cancer.

So, please sit down quietly in your sofa or chair, switch off your Brain and Mind, normally full of high traffic of your flying ideas and thoughts and read slowly my articles in my Blog.

And please join your Heart only.

Becouse your Heart is one and only gateway to your Soul.

Wish you a pleasant reading!

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor and Health Evangelist at My Journey®

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Thank you and I wish you pieceful reading

Truly Yours,

Pavel | My Journey®

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