Stories of My Journey

The best example and motivation is always a personal Story.

This is even more deeper true in the case of recovery from incurable diseases.

That is why I give all the brave ones who have taken the difficult path with me, from the diagnosis - an incurable disease, to their healing, to write their story and their own Journey of Healing towards complete recovery.

Often, almost always, doctors gave them no chance to be cured.

Usually a few weeks or months of life.

At best, a lifelong disability with no inability to cure.

These great People understood that things can be different from what is introduced in the paradigm of our over-technological and egocentrism-filled lifetime.

They rebelled against "their destiny", understood the cause of their problems and subsequently their desease.

They are people worth following and admiring.

I love them and I am glad that their destinies have crossed the path of my life. 

Please listen to their Stories and be inspired by them.

And remember, if they did it, you can do it too.

I'm more convinced of this than ever before.

I wish you a calm and invisibly pulsating inspiration ...


Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor

The best ever motivation and example for other people is always personal Story.