I am 5 years CANCER-FREE or how Gratitude, Perseverance, my Family and Faith in God saved my life!


Yes, it's been 5 years since I am CANCER-FREE! 

For most patients diagnosed with CANCER, the meta is still difficult to reach. 

But does it have to be that way? 

I say it doesn't have to. 

And I have a lot of reasons for that. 

The first and basic argument is the fact that I still live (after 5 years, despite all the scary predictions of doctors - allopaths), which is a difficult thing for many people diagnosed with Cancer. 

Why is that so? 

There are several reasons for this. 

Unfortunately, the main one is the absolute misunderstanding of this so-called disease, which we all collectively call CANCER as allopathic medicine do. 

Accompanied (according to my life story) mostly harmful to health, absolutely inappropriate and in most cases not leading anywhere for the treatment of this disease. 

The so-called healing, often devastating our body and Soul in the style of "cut - burn - poison", which in most cases unfortunately leads nowhere.

But of course we still have (for how long?) Free choice. 

We can choose which way to go. 

 I went through both the path of classical allopathic medicine and the path of my own self-healing. 

Without drugs or doctors. 

My journey, like most of us, under the pressure of the surroundings, unfortunately began first with the classic path of "white coats". 

The initial operation, which was the only bright moment (here I would like to thank the surgeons once again very much at the ÚVN Hospital), followed by a lot of CT and PET examinations and ended with a deadly chemical cocktail, which classical medicine calls chemotherapy. 

 After undergoing this my body's devastating "treatment," which says medicine admiringly (chemo) therapy, I was mistakenly informed by my attending physician that everything would be OK. 

As this ego-blinded (pseudo) doctor said (I quote): 

Don't worry, Mr. Vojtek, you will definitely die of a disease other than cancer! 

I calmed bit down "under the weight" of this announcement and reorganized my life. 

I lived for a while (as I later understood) in the illusion that I was healthy.

 Unfortunately, in this controlled and artfully supported illusion and hypnosis, most patients diagnosed with cancer currently live. 

And then the Cancer struck once more - in a much more devastating form. 

I had a few weeks left to live. 

Allopathic medicine could no longer cause me illness (in the words of a team of specialized oncologists). 

They sent me home, to write a will.

And for this "Death Sentence" of theirs, I am perhaps most grateful to them at the moment! 

I finally understood that My Journey® to Cancer recovery (not curing a classical wayhealing) would lead to a completely different path. 

After several Out-of-the-Body Experiences (I describe the strongest one in episode 3 of my Podcast My Journey®), I realized that I would take a completely different path.

 My own way of understanding this so-called disease and subsequent self-healing.

 Healing from the disease by many people and mostly the professional public has so far mistakenly considered a (in)curable disease.  

I often call this path the path of Spontaneous Healing.

I have carefully described and documented My Journey in the My Journey® Protocol, which I created myself after several years of reflection and meditation. 

And prepared for all of you diagnosed with CANCER. 

For all of you diagnosed with Cancer or other so-called incurable diseases (eg diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.), to make your journey easier, I also incorporated everything into the unique environment of the online course MY WAY TO HEALTH®.

 It is prepared for all who have the courage to rely on their will to live, their perseverance and their divine nature. 

You often ask, was it easy to reject all the advice and some pressure of classical medicine? 

I can tell you that it wasn't that complicated in the end.  

If you understand that you caused your illness (more than 90%) yourself, you will also understand that you can also accompany what you have invited into your life. 

I know, for many of you, it's hard to rely on yourself. 

In an environment of incredible handling, perhaps the strongest industry is the pharmaceutical industry. 

I don't blame anyone and I don't criticize anyone at all. 

I experienced the "grab of white coats" myself. 

I often say that one cannot get out of it alone. 

How elaborate and strong this "system" is with his care.

And here we come to very important points on your path to self-healing. 

And that is the support of your loved ones, which is not always easy to get and an experienced guide.  

Best the one is who already experienced everything. 

Unfortunately, without these two important parts of your new journey, a person diagnosed with cancer or another so-called incurable disease will usually start to wander in a vicious circle.  

That's why I always explain the importance of your family very urgently (more about the importance of family in Episode 7 of the My Journey® Podcast). 

About the importance of your Guide perhaps in some of the next episodes of Podcast My Journey. (Listen and sign up for the My Journey® Podcast here

Without my loved ones, in my case she was my beloved wife, you just can't do it! 

My wife helped me not only during the worst times, when doctors poured one more haunting prognosis after another at the worst, but at the time of the cleansing application - Detox of my body and Soul (My Journey® Protocol). 

She was a faithful friend to me, a cook of all great foods (especially in the time of the Purification - Detox of the body), but also an irreplaceable support on the path of my self-healing. 

I often humbly say the birth of my new "Me". 

Many of my acquaintances who knew me before and we meet even after my Spontaneous recovery from Cancer know what I'm talking about.  

That is why I am my beloved wife, but also various healers, writers and also some doctors who "praise God" understood their "historical" role and ran away from allopathic medicine, for their support on My journey. 

Without them, as an important part of the incredible whole supporting my healing, I probably wouldn't have managed everything (so smoothly).

And a few of my insights and advice in the end? 

I firmly believe that they will definitely lead you on the path of understanding yourself, the path of awareness and, after all, the path of self-healing. 

Whether you are diagnosed with cancer or any other chronic or autoimmune disease.

 And so let's get into those hard-won gifts of our mother Earth. 

Carefully look for all available information. 

Most of them are currently found thanks to the relentless and often hidden censorship of all mainstream media, video channels and search engines on various alternative channels. 

Read a lot of books, from different parts of the world and from different authors. (my recommendations for the books I read are here).

 Be sure not to be cornered by the justified fears of your loved ones who "think well" about you. 

Don't believe in classical allopathic medicine indefinitely! 

Let them only present their opinion on the situation and their proposed solution.

 Then turn off your worried paralyzed brain. 

And turn on your heart, connected to your sixth sense (sometimes I call it our Soul).

 There you will find all your answers. 

And if he doesn't come right away, wait. 

And ask, the answer will definitely come to you, because: 

Whoever asks gets an answer and whoever knocks door, door is open for him. 

The way it was opened to me. 

Gradually, an incredible well of knowledge, information and wisdom from which I draw so far has been revealed to me. 

And after all, everything I have drawn, as I say from the "space library", I have imprinted both in the My Journey® Protocol and in all the products of the e-Learning platform and the My Journey® online school. 

Don't be afraid under any circumstances. 

Everything happens exactly as it should be. 

And for me it was and always will be the ancient wisdom that: 

When the student is ready, the right teacher is always found. 

As it was in my case and a lot of cases of my health seekers. 

And so it will be in your case. 

Therefore, keep your eyes and heart open. 

Cancer or another so-called incurable disease is nothing but a pleading challenge to your true Self (Your Soul) to stop and reevaluate your life. 

 Therefore, do what is most important.

Make a radical change in your life. 

It just won't work without it. 

A radical change of all rituals and programs, which often complicate and sabotage your life and which we (mostly) brought from our childhood. 

Don't worry, this universe around us is fair. 

I am sure that if you feel gratitude, faith, humility and perseverance, the desired result will always come. 

And that it will take some time? 

It doesn't matter. 

After all, we are here precisely to learn something new every day. 

And in truth, they have endured the meaning of our lives. 

That is why I am very grateful to the cancer and 5 years with it (and finally to all those egos blinded and conceited allopaths) for bringing me to this knowledge of my life.

 The knowledge that there is God's justice for those who live by these rules. 

The knowledge that humility, faith and gratitude are the greatest gifts of a healthy and happy life. 

I'm really 5 years old CANCER-FREE! 

No one can fully understand my gratitude for being here and for everything to happen as it should have. 

It was the biggest training of my life. 

And I'm grateful for him. I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful multicolored scenery that we call our Life that I was able to participate in and experience this process of self-knowledge and a certain enlightenment. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you all! 

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor