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Dear My Journey® website Visitors, Fans and Health Seekers,

I would like to thanks to all of My Journey® website visitors.

I appreciate it a lot .

Its great to share with you our mutual peacefull and counscious Being and some of your and my thoughts, experiencies and practises , which helped me in phase of my Spontenaous Remission from incurable Desease - Cancer.

Whole content of this My Journey webside as well as section for registered Members is dedicated just for those of us , who deeply believe in , what we have already encrypted inside of us from our birth and what I have already discovered and experienced during my complete recovery from returned Cancer and it is :

Unbelievable (self)Healing process of our Body, Mind and Soul, from still by a lot of people erroneously considered as incurable desease - Cancer ...

If I can be helpful in any case , its will be my honour to do so

Truly Yours

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor

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Our life is wonderfull and inspirational Journey full of everyday Challenges, with aim to be better than yesterday and more benefitial to our Community...