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True naming of problem and self-awareness are half way to success  

Dear Health Seekers,

I promise you that, I will carefully read you story and if you answer YES to at least 8 of 10 questions described below.  I will reply you ASAP.

Thanx for understanding. 

Sincerelly Yours, 

Pavel | My Journey®


tell me your story, I will text and/or call you back

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10 Important Questions and Answers 

I am definitelly decided for My Journey Protocol®: 

1. I wanna find My Journey to my complete recovery by myself and I am not writing on behalf of anybody else

2. I wanna live my healthy life again, take it over into my hands and grow myself every day

3. I am ready to change my lifestyle , every day harmful Programs and rituals

4. I do my best for healing of my Soul  

5.  I am ready to understand my Desease

6. I am accepting cause of my Desease 

7. My family is supporting me in all my efforts and decisions

8. I am completelly aware that my health is fully in my hands 

9. I am accepting my current state of my Body, Mind and Soul 

10. I am taking over full responsibility for my Desease                                             

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Pavel | My Journey®

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