About me

 I was thinking long time about idea to put all what happened to me in a past 3 years to some reasonable place.

Easily accessible place where those of You, who would like to know more about your Health and Healing from so-called incurrable Desease - Cancer, could find it. 

 And read it with stillness in Heart and piece in Mind.

My name is Pavel Vojtek.

I am 51 old and I am living in our lovely Czech Republic..

 I am 30 years with my great wife Svetlana and wonderful kids - Melissa V. and Timi T.

I have experienced Spontaneous remission from recurred Cancer in its terminal stage. 

No drugs and no doctors.

Despite of all so-callad Doctor and Science "elite" and other People thought I got crazy, I have succeed. 

Thanx to my lovely wife Sveta and this loving Space, God, Universe  or what ever you name it  helped me and showed me the way out. After my OBE experiences I moved to My Journey® towards Spontaneous remission and my complete Recovery.

And even if I am not proffessional Blogger at all , its not my job and I suppose it will not be in my near future life.

 I have deep feeling to express you some of my experiencies and insight leading to my complete recovery from Cancer.

And becouse of above described I would like to kindly ask you for your patience and maybe not everytime correct literary english language.

Becouse I am convinced that many times Content is much more than language correctness.

Shortly about my Life

I was born in 1969 and have grown in time of Communism, where I could not study what I wanted.

 My desperate Parents had to move me to my school to Slovakia , where I have succesfully finished and graduate my High school.

Than my story continued in city Zlín, back in Czech republic.

I have graduaded my Universtity and started my enterpreneur journey.

Thanx to God, I have found my soulmate girlfriend - women of my Heart and still , over 30 years my great wife.

Life went on and over all of my ups and down, you can read about in my Story at this My Journey® website.

I am standing here as a strong, healthy and content human being, living in harmonious marrige, with my great wife, two wonderful kids , surrounded by all-embracing and fair Universe.

I got my second life from God and accepting it fully with my deep humility.

I wish you pleasant reading and studying

Thank you in advance for your any of your Comments

Truly Yours,

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor