Towards a parallel society or is it not the right time to create it?


Much has been written about the current monstrous, fundamental human rights and freedom-suppressing elitist system that has spread across our global society.

Millions of people around the world are protesting over its manipulation and tenacity, in order to enslave humanity as such 

Most of my listeners and readers know my consistent, for many still bit radical view of the current situation.

My opinion on medicine, science, education and politics.

A fanatic group of people bullying others.

A group of members of the "Cov!D sect", where everyone acts remarkably the same as according to the template.

And they flagrantly violate fundamental human Freedoms and Rights.

They terrorize our children in indoctrination facilities that are no longer schools.

They impose on us mandatory nonsensical (contrary to basic common sense) so-called testing against a (non) existing virus. A virus so invisible and dangerous that no one has yet separated and clearly defined it (Koch's postulates).

A virus that, with the help of various cheers from the mainstream media and introverted researchers a.k.a. pseudoscientists - egomaniacs repeating imaginary dogmas indefinitely.

The so-called virus and the related (dis)ease of Cov!d-19, which is slowly but surely enslaving the world.

What is happening is obvious, but I do not want to write about it today.

I would like to write today about something that others do not write about.

People have split into several groups that are wandering "in their truth" and waiting for something to happen.

And that someone will save them and arrange everything for them.

And for some, even this obvious tyranny suits them.

Often ignorant, blinded, and staring into their false Self.

Terrified and frightened to death by a non-existent pandemic, a non-existent virus, disease, and a pandemic that is not and cannot be a "terminus-technicus" pandemic at all.

It does not even meet the basic condition of the epidemic, i.e. the number of infected vs. a certain population. In our country (Czech Republic) the ratio of about 1.6-1.8 thousand patients to 100 thousand inhabitants.

The largest group, those of us who settled in blind obedience to the monstrous system, have already chosen their path.

Slowly and surely, they sell their Soul as a savior to the disguised Devil.

There is no point in telling them anything, convincing them.

It's useless.

This group has already chosen its future and destiny.

We can only be a bell ringing an obedient sheep on her neck, alerting her that she is part of a herd that fears the wolf, but lives only to be "eaten by her Shepherd" one day.

The other smaller group is still hesitant and does not know where to join.

The question in their heads is: 

Can't it be true that our Leaders thought so badly of us?

Most of them, even for a while (under the pressure of tempting lies and untruths), mostly succumbed to the monstrosity and pressure of the system and are still waiting for the situation to develop.

They are bothered by coercion, the division of society and the indoctrination of children, or coercion at work.

For the time being, this large group is holding on and waiting for what will happen.

And then we are the ones, the smallest group of individuals who love freedom.

A community of special people who value their freedom above all.

We love our own freedom, decency and open relationships with each other and coexistence without borders and restrictions.

We have become strange to many.

We do not wear any face masks, we do not test ourselves and we have a reluctant approach to various types of untested, unverified and unapproved gene therapies.

We, as one of the few, have not succumbed to this well-developed and organized octopus, usurping the rights to limit the basics. 

And that is freedom.

We are not and never will be servants of any monstrous manipulative system.

We will not bend our backs, obey and we will not let ourselves be used by a few small or various options such as so-called free travel, visits to Cov!d restaurants or other VIP performances.

Although it doesn't look like that, we are here for others.

Just to point out this heaven-sent injustice.

Each of us in our own way.

And they let people slowly remember their not-so-distant past and atrocities committed under the guise of democracy and security by various fascist, communist or otherwise disguised regimes.

We believe that justice exists and that people will gradually wake up.

It won't be right away, but it will happen, as is most evident in recent days.

So I would like to suggest the following option to consider, which is also the way forward

And that is the continuation of the persistent enlightenment of our friends, neighbors, fellow citizens.

To be an example and role models to others that things can be different.

To be an example to all people, just as I try to do every divine day, for example with My story of Spontaneous Healing from Cancer in terminal stage.

For many, a thorn in the eye.

Against all the prognoses of researchers and cheers from the circle of (not only) white coats.

Be an example and show everyone who is interested that all could be different.

That every bubble bursts once.

And so it is today.

We do not elect in upcoming elections and never choose the pleasing faces of crooked characters of politicians.

And just to cast a voice for someone who is alone, able to stand against the obvious superiority.

We have such policians between us.

There are few of them like saffron, but they are among us.

Unfortunately, despite our fog of blindness to ourselves, we sometimes do not see ubiquitous manipulation and daily duties.

And most importantly in the end.

And that is my proposal to gradually create a parallel society.

Societies of free people for whom freedom is paramount.

For which trade with indulgences, segregation of people and various so-called advantages of people of the first category is as disgusting as the division of society into better and worse, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

I quietly and calmly call for the creation of "islands of positive deviation", communities of like-minded people, sharing their personal stories and supporting each other.

Communities of interconnected "open-minded" people who not only love their loved ones, respect themselves, but also perceive all their neighbors with the same love.

And not only from a spiritual point of view, but also from a human point of view.

There are a lot of us and I feel "the ice is moving".

Similar-minded people who have understood that in the virtual world of mainstream media, "wheat won't bloom for a long time," that our stay there is only temporary until the mole of censorship finds the tremendous reach, energy, and power of each of us.

And that's why these similar people don't watch TV, listen to the radio, and switch to other free social platforms.

So that they can not only live freely, but also communicate freely.

Uncensored and no restrictions.

I know you are asking yourself the following question.

Will it be difficult to leave the existing comfort zone and become a member of a Parallel Society?

Yes, it will be difficult.

But even so, many of us prefer to take children from indoctrination and inhumane facilities a.k.a. of current schools, rather than brainwashing cowardly principals and their teachers, quietly following them and following orders and the will of a tyrannical minority.

Some of us will have to leave jobs where they are blunt and forced into self-employed shareholders and company directors to make pointless testing. In the end, illegal pressure forces them to become vaccinated, which is not even a vaccination.

Some of us will have to leave our loved ones, because otherwise it will not work with their loved ones, hypnotized by the pleasing policy of manipulative wolves playing on protective lambs.

It can also cost some reason, a sudden awakening from the dream of virtual reality, which we create ourselves with our fear and anxiety.

But believe me, it's worth it.

I was also "Blind and Earless Boy" in my previous on-this-earth Life. For the sighted, the terrible and still mostly misunderstood disease - Cancer - freed me from my false dream for many. Until now, it sounds scary to many when I say that cancer has saved my life.

Was waking up easy? It wasn't.

But I am grateful to him because I have finally begun to appreciate life, my family and my neighbors.

I am healthier, happier and more balanced than I have ever been before.

So let me make you conscious and brave companions with this beautiful dimension that we call life challenged to join us.

Rebels (temporarily misunderstood for many) fighting for their own freedom, but also your and irreplaceable health, appreciating their own true Self.

To the fighters against the collective unconscious that invisely grips most of us.

I know it's often an unbearable and tight feeling.

I experienced it myself.

But believe me, it could be different.

This is one of my hashtags, which I use in my posts and discussions on all still available social media and platforms.

Don't be afraid, step forward proudly and surround yourself with your soul mates.

It's an incredibly relaxing feeling.

Start enjoying your life again and not just survive. And believe me, that artificially fabricated Cov!d-19 bubble (like the other bubble called Cancer) will definitelly burst soon.

And you will be here, unlike others who unfortunately will no longer be among us. Proud, very proud of yourself and surrounded by people who love you for who you are.

Isn't that a beautiful idea?

Of course it is and believe me, it is worth living.

And sometimes to dying too.

Welcome to a Parallel Society!