"Cancer saved my Life"


Form Cancer Diagnosis to Perfect Health

Have you learned terrible truth of diagnosis Cancer or other incurrable desease ? Do not you know how to go further ? 

Do you deeply feel that everything is other way around than other people say and current things looks like?

Yes, I understand you. I have experienced it myself.

Diagnosis of incurable disease - Cancer.

Then shocking awakening from your life dream. 

Surgery same day, followed by cleansing chemotherapy.

It seemed like and we tend to believe, that all is leading to complete recovery.

Then return of the same Disease within one year, but in much worse range.

You don't not know where to go.

All of your Friends and beloved ones around you, not knowing the issue (what we can't blame them for), falsely encourage you that it will be fine.

But you feel from their views they are even afraid to look at you, afraid to touch you, as if the disease was contagious. In most cases, you feel (as I have felt) that you want to live.

That you still have a lot of things to do in this world, in your life.

You have your family, kids, your business, parents who need you here for another while.

And the most important, you don't understand why it happened to you.

To find a Solution by your own Mind and current level of your Consciousness, solution other than is universally acceptable by majority of People, is not easy, even impossible. 

Why ?

Because the answer is hidden deeply in your Heart.

Encrypted and stored for you, for those approaching bad times.

Stored in your Soul as something "unthinkable", that often tells us and suggests what to do next. Our Higher self, our "sixth sense", our Intuition . 

Hands on heart, we all feel it at certain times, but often, we almost never listen to it. 

Many of us have forgotten that the our Heart is our main and also powerful organ, which is the gateway to our Soul. 

Spreading the Joy of our Life, carried by our blood through our whole Body.

I am fully convinced that each and everyone of us knows the answer to what is happening to him, but does not want to admit it. Many of us push it deep into our subconscious mind and soothe by thinking of having everything solved.

But it is other way around ...

The body suffers from long-term psychological pressure, daily Stress, distress and troubles from the past and also Fear of the future.

Soul is crying and the heart bleeds.

It sounds like a situation from which there is no way out, but the opposite is true.

My personal story has shown me that the deeper you sink, the more you touch your imaginary bottom line, the closer is the solution of your whole rough and tricky problem.

Therefore, in any case, please do not give up  ... 

The world around us is fair, and if you really want to heal yourself, the Solution is usually very close to you. Just majority of us do not see it or in many cases, we do not want to see it 

But if you are looking for, what we call a "miracle pill", which most of us use at every immune pressure. You are from my life experience, at the wrong address.

Pills does not solve your problem in the long term.

It just shorttermly "hides the symptom" and its manifestation in your body (disease).

That is why My Journey is not for everyone

It is about daily hard work on yourself.

It is about complete and radical change of your attitude to your life.

Change of established rituals and self-destructive programs, that many of us have maintained for decades, in most cases we have been carrying them since childhood.

My Journey is about finding Myself.

It's about returning "home", to safety and peace, into a land of harmony and self-awareness.

To the environment, where we are all equal on this beautiful planet.

Destined to work together. And at the same time work on ourselves. 

With the purity of our intentions, so that each of us is always a little better and more beneficial to everyone else than he was yesterday.

Then, all of the at first sight, unsolvable problems, will start solving themselves.

You start to meet interesting people. 

You find a job, you always wanted to have. You find a partner, you have only dreamed of.

And you start to experience the unbelievable situations, that tell you a lot what to do next.

Most of the traumas from your past and the difficulties of your present life will slowly disappear. Stress and fear of the future will come under your control.

And you will finally start doing what you like in your life.

You start do what you always wanted to do all your life, solely from the heart.

That what My journey is about ...

There is no late time to heal yourself, but sometimes is very hard to be cured.  

Learn to live healthy and happy life again

And don't listen to those who say it's not possible ...

My basic recommendations, as well as the entire content of www.MyJourney.one website, are based on my personal experience and proven practice of my Body and Soul.

For many still unimaginable, leading towards complete recovery from my incurable disease - Cancer.

And what is most important.

All with a single goal to have no personal benefits, just to help people, who have found themselves for various reasons at a difficult life intersection. 

Life crossroad.

Where I found myself in mid 2016, when a Doctors at the Central Military Hospital in Prague diagnosed malignant tumor - Cancer (more in my My Story section and more about me in So, I am finally starting to write my first Blog ... ).

To begin with here, beyond any doubt, I would like to state

I am a Believer,

I am not a member of any sect, occult or other religion, I do not sell any Products, I have never followed anyone, I do not pay any contributions in any Club, political Party or interest Group.

I am not forcing anyone to anything, in any way

I am not convincing anyone and I am not commanding anyone, 

I am neither calling nor writing anyone and I am not claiming any dogmas at all.

I am just Storyteller of my personal experience with Spontaneous Remission.

If someone cares from the deepness of Heart about "My Journey", the word "My", if you want, can also be "Yours".

I only tell my own story of Spontaneous Remission from Cancer and 

I let each of you think about it at least a little bit.

Believe me, it will pays off for you.

Concerning the right Timing,

I can only recommend that, the sooner you get into the process of self-knowledge, full awareness, cleansing your Body and Soul, the better.

I started immediately when all the seemingly incongruous life puzzles clicked into me.

I have started with "orthodox" Detox - cleansing the Body.

Please do not confuse it with a diet, it is at a different energy level.

I started actively running again.

Nowadays, I run 130-150 km every month and I am enjoying it a lot. 

I was relaxing much more than before and I was getting more sleep.

And started spending much more time with my beloved family and kids.

I understood what it means to be more (with) myself.

With all above described, I have improved quality of my Sleep, I personally recommend in the transition period min. 7-8 hours/day.

My face skin color changed (previously worried and gray).

I completely drained my body and I lost weight from about 87kg to 74kg, which was about 15% of my original weight. And I keep it on 75-76 kg till today.

People around me began to notice almost immediately my hardly unnoticeable changes.

At first moment they were worried about what was happening to me.

I lost weight, drained, the color of my skin changed and my face stretched and somehow all that changed the expression of my content face.

As well as many of them did not believe for a while.

And then some with enthusiasm, others with a bit of unwillingness, sometimes self-denial finally accepted My journey and now they are accepting me with my new setting.

Even many of them recommend My journey to their Friends and families, who also found themselves in, let's call it, "(un)grace of the destiny" at their life crossroads.

And those who still did not understand, I do not mind

That's ok, it is their way anyhow :-)


So how do you do it?

Its just about following My Journey Protocol®, safest and time-proven way to start your self-healing process of your Body and Soul


Tailor-made Menu

Restart your tired Body, break down toxic and (pro) inflammatory foods and beverages


Relax, Meditation , Self-awareness

Cleansing of your troubled Soul, understanding the principles of life, breaking down toxic people and "returning home"


Shake your Body 

Regular movement and excersise will support the restart of your Body, relax and also ventilate your Head and calm your Mind 


Recharge your Power 

Powerful sleep will help you recharge your power for the next amazing day, full of adventures, that is waiting for you


Start living your new exciting Life

Putting all the habits from the previous chapters into your daily practice, starting to live (finally) your new Life 

Dear Friends, Health Seekers,

I would like to thank you very much for your attention and your interest in My Journey®.  

I wish to all of You from my deep heart firm Willpower, unwavering Faith, necessary Humility, everyday Discipline. 

and boundless Endurance on your Journey leading to your complete Recovery.

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Pavel and My Journey®

Hope you enjoyed both my My Journey® website and "How to heal Cancer" audio and video.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon!

Truly Yours, 

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor and Healt Evangelist

I will help you find your new way to your healthy life, way to your complete recovery, you just have to have a strong willpower to get there