The frog is slowly boiling in the pot or how we lose our freedoms and civil rights.


Do you know the story of a frog boiling in a pot of water? If not, this reflection on our civilization trapped in a virtual world full of manipulation and semi-truth could be the right wake-up call for many of us! 

I really like the old story about the frog. 

I think it fully reflects the current situation in our world full of half-truths, manipulation and a kind of hypnosis, in which many of us live. 

What is this frog story about? 

It is nothing more than how slowly propagating propaganda, filled in a beautiful package of lies and half-truths, becomes a reality of our daily lives. 

A life full of fear, anxiety and hatred (for example, to those "fools" who have decided not to wear face masks according to their principles), in a world slowly consuming what these very negative and harmful emotions feed in their confused and vulnerable Self. 

When these very dangerous and health-threatening emotions slowly but surely become a catalyst for health problems and other problems at the level of the immaterial body (I call it our Soul). 

And now to the story of the frog. 

Do you know what happens when you throw a healthy frog in a pot of boiling water? 

Don't know? 

After all, she jumps out immediately because she feels danger and a signal from her body that her life is in danger. 

And do you know what happens when you put the frog in a pot of warm water and slowly heat under this pot?

Don't know? 

He stays swimming in the pot and doesn't even realize that the water is slowly warming up and is starting to boil slowly. 

And unfortunately for a frog, when the water starts to boil, the frog is no longer able to jump out of this pot full of boiling water. 

Because he doesn't have the strength to do it anymore. 

And unfortunately he dies ... 

Doesn't this story remind you of anything? 

Some people to whom I tell this story will not miss it at first. 

They don't understand why I'm telling them this strange story at all. 

He thinks he has nothing to do with them. 

And they ask what this strange story has to do with me? 

After another guide to a hidden line of meaning, they slowly realize everything and either begin to strongly oppose that this is not the case. 

That we are not the sheep (frogs) blindly listening and slowly boiling in a pot. 

Or those who realize it right away will tell me it can't be true. 

That the "smart and powerful people" would not leave us like this. 

They wouldn't let us cook in our own juice. 

They argue in various ways that the omnipotent epidemiologists, doctors and scientists know what they are doing. 

After all, they do everything they can for us. They test us, they protect us. 

For example, the piece of rag on his mouth that he thinks the world stands on.

Or an even more dangerous piece of rag, which many of us (many under the pressure of losing our jobs) obediently wear and wear it (perhaps) all day or just throughout our daily work day. 

The piece of rag or fabric (let's call it a face mask or respirator) that even car painters who paint cars don't want to wear, and knows that not wearing it can harm their health and can seriously harm them when painting cars. 

And yet many of them do not wear it, which of course I cannot agree with in this case. 

They do not wear it because they cannot breathe in it. 

They know and subconsciously feels that wearing a face mask or respirator is harmful to health. 

And they know they won't last that long in that "mask". 

And yet the "smart people" are developing a vaccine. 

It will protect us. 

And we won't have to do anything just live our consumerist life in our comfortable zone filled with boundless egoism and consumerism without which we can no longer even imagine our miserable, spiritually emptied life. 

Let's call it (a vaccine) a cocktail of chemicals in one deadly (for some of us) substance, which often shakes the body's immune system so much that it leaves permanent consequences for many of us. 

If not worse. 

Such as the rapidly and inexplicably growing chronic diseases or just the curve of the rise of autism in the USA (there is talk of a ratio of 1:30 - healthy child versus autistic), which has long since slipped out of any meaningful control. 

I am not saying or saying that there is a direct causal link between vaccination and various types of disease (chronic, incurable or perhaps autism). 

What I would like to say is that: 

We should think in peace about our present Being. 

Above our hectic life full of toxic food, toxic water, toxic air and, after all, our toxic relationships. 

Which slowly but surely suffocate us and annoy our lives from within. 

Think about the incredible manipulation of the crowds that pours in on us every minute from radio, television and all social media. 

I'm not saying that scientists and allopathic medicine aren't trying. 

Yes, they work on everything possible every day. 

Medicines, tests, vaccines. 

This is very important for a large part of our companions, and even sees it as the only possible way to save their lives. 

So far, everything is understandable. 

What I don't understand is this. 

Why allopathic medicine puts us in the position of victims. 

Helpless, small, weak people who will not help themselves without the so-called conveniences of allopathic medicine. 

He tells us that the disease came somehow by accident, we don't know why. 


Don't worry, we'll fight her. 

And we will win in the end. 

Well, I don't know, according to the latest results and statistics on incurable diseases - Cancer, for example, I have a completely different feeling. 

I'm sad about people making victiums. 

Victims of unexplained phenomena, absolutely dependent (as on other drugs) on these various methods and preparations, which usually have a lot of side effects (let's call them other diseases). 

And for these other diseases, more medications are needed and you are already beginning to suspect other side effects and other diseases. 

And other drugs. 

And so it goes exponentially on and on. 

Until when? 

Until the patient and this whole lie-based system collapses. 

How long will it take? 

Definitely not so long. 

Because the frog in the pot is already starting to boil and feel uncomfortable. 

For now, she swims bravely, because other frogs swim with her. 

With a dewy forehead, dizziness and nausea here and there, but still holding. 

After all, those "smart" scientists, doctors, and other "hocus-pocus sages" secretly frightened by fear in their ideology-filled inflated Self will save us. 

After all, they won't let us swim to death. 

They don't say to cook openly in boiling water (like the frog) because they don't like it at all. 

And what about those who don't swim with us? 

They're swimming against us. 

As was necessary under communism, which many of you have not experienced. 

And they're going to infect us and threaten our lying story about the (non) existent disease that we all somehow call Covid 19 together.

Are these strong words for some of you? 

Yes, it is possible. 

Listen to this story for you and for those who feel essentially that everything is not as it should be. 

The story of an ordinary man who, under the weight of his false Self, chases after the recognition, success and achievements of the time. 

Living on a pile of garbage (in other words, what we call food). 

His body box collapsed. 

The description of this condition is usually a diagnosis of an incurable disease. 

In this case, it was Cancer

He went through all the hell - surgery, chemotherapy, lots of CT and PET scans, stages of recurring disease and lots of ridicule, threats and finally the death sentence from the allopaths. 

And that was the message - you have 3 months to live. 

Therefore, if you do not undergo a new difficult operation (with a lot of potential subsequent complications) and complicated several months of chemotherapy. 

With the future promise of life for another few months. 

In fear, despair, helplessness. 

It's worth it, isn't it? 

Someone says hooray for them. 

However, he vehemently rejected everything. He thanked these "bearers of good news" and decided to heal himself. 

He decided to go against the flow, against everyone. 

He was alone, only with his beloved wife, and they put it together. He experienced a Spontaneous Remission  from Cancer. 

Without drugs and doctors. 

And what should this story tell you? 

Feel what is happening around you. 

Keep calm and cool your head. Do not push it into the sand. 

And do not be indifferent to the suppression of any rights and freedoms. 

Own or strangers. 

Under the likable mask that it is (falsely) needed.

And decide according to what your heart tells you. 

This incredible and main body organ of ours (which btw will never get Cancer) is the only way to your soul where your sixth sense resides. He is the main one. 

Don't listen to your brain. 

He will logically drive you into the traps of (never-ending) treatment of allopathic medicine. 

Is there another way? Yes there is. 

However, it is not as simple as the one that beats into our heads every day. 

It is a way of full awareness and understanding of the principle of functioning of our body. 

And understanding the basic truths that are carefully hidden in our hearts. 

And that is the wisdom that we each live our lives only as we have them in our minds.

And last but not least, that each of us has an incredible possibility of our body within us from birth, and that is the power of our self-healing. And from any diseases. 

Even the incurable, such as CANCER. 

The doctors of this misunderstood possibility of our body call it Spontaneous remission

They can't deny her even if they don't really understand her. 

There are thousands of those cases of people who have experienced Spontaneous remission. 

Like the story above. 

Why do I say so with certainty? 

Because the story of the Spontaneous remission of recurrent Cancer is mine

And I dare to say with all humility that if our body can cope with such a Desease of our body (and Soul) as cancer. 

He can also deal with such pettiness as a virus, let's call it Coronavirus, which has lived with us for several long years and the (allegedly) Covid 19 disease caused by him. 

For which there is no functional vaccine. 

And most likely it won't. 

By that I mean the "right" vaccine that would support our immune system, so that we can deal with such a small thing as, for example, coronavirus ourselves. 

I don't believe that something like Covid 19 even exists. 

But it's just my personal opinion.

I don't push it in anyone's head.

I am just striving for a path full of understanding, humility and compassion for those who swim in slow-boiling water. 

In a beautiful pot of so called life, to indicate to them in an unobtrusive way that there is another way. 

The path of personal responsibility and rediscovered strength. 

I call it our Life force (in different regions it is called differently - Qi, Chi, Prana, or Živa), which we should take care of as an eye in the head. 

And hand in hand with this life force and full understanding of what our life projects on our life screen to keep our lives in harmony. 

With our body in homeostasis. 

So that all our body systems (nervous, endocrine and immune) work as accurately as they should. 

As Mother Nature set them up. No doctors. 

Then we can't even be sick. 

That's how easy it is. 

Don't you believe? 

Does not matter... 

Just keep in mind that the water in the pot is boiling. 

And we are slowly (and many of us don't realize it) losing our civil liberties. 

Our legitimate and years of suffering our ancestors gained freedom, which is the right to breathe freely, to move freely with those we love without any restrictions. 

Our right to travel without limits and to be beneficial to our whole great system, which we call Life, Space, Nature, we each call it differently according to our beliefs. 

In cooperation with all of us and not in competition, as our (pseudo) elites and their cohorts of multinational companies tell us in blindness with their egos. 

Always and only for the benefit of all of us with an open heart to help whenever someone asks you for it. 

Without any ulterior motives, profits and selfishness that our current consumer-based society is immersed in. 

Consumption is the mantra of our society.

And then the parallel with what we call the coronavirus is more than obvious. 

When we understand all this, we will understand the essence of our Being. 

Who we are and what our personal task is for each of us. 

And maybe someone won't understand. 

And it goes in a mainstream narrative supported by an unconscious majority. 

And it will end up in life's somersaults, just like I did almost 5 years ago. 

I decided to heal and be healthy. 

That's why I live healthily, I don't eat garbage (what we call our food). 

I do not consume any medication and do not go to the doctor. 

I have not been with him for several years and I do not plan to go there in the near future. 

Yes, it is strange in a patient with Cancer in so-called remission. 

Incredible and especially incomprehensible for those who believe in tales of incurable diseases, various dangerous viruses and are subject to carefully prepared and cleverly nurtured crowd psychosis. 

I love my family, my children and my wife, whom I owe for my new life. 

I enjoy it in full sips every day of God. 

That is why I patiently explain to my children every day what it is like to "enjoy life to the fullest", which, for example, is not possible due to the face mask at all. 

And that wearing that piece of rag (we call it a face mask) is not only inhumane, but also very harmful to our Health. 

Every new day is a gift from God. 

That is why I accept it with humility, even though I see that my companions are slowly but surely beginning to "cook in a pot". 

It should be like this. 

To see, they understood everything and started working on each other. 

We have the strength to be healthy, without any restrictions. 

And live a joyful, happy, contented and fulfilled life. 

That's how our mother nature set it up. 

But there is another possibility. 

Choose a beautiful looking pot full of warm and pleasing to the eye. 

With a feeling of false belonging and security. 

No thank you. I like my living space. 

And I'm slowly getting used to gradually reducing our basic civil rights. 

Under the guise of democracy and caring for others. 

From the mouth of someone who lies to us and to himself. 

It should probably be like this. 

It's because we realize that a lot is sometimes too much. 

And jumped out of the pot of slowly boiling water together. 

We still have time.