Our "best friend Fear" or how to easily control a person and persuade him to surrender the most valuable


Just few of us realize that for a long time we were the last generation to enjoy (at least in part) our civil Rights and Freedom. 

Does that sound unheard of? Inconceivable? Maybe cheeky? 

I admit that for a large part of my companions this may seem like it. 

It may seem to my loved ones and to all of us that we have everything we could wish for. We have houses, cars, cottages, companies and many of us (wrongly) think that most important to us is money. 

We have access to "Informations", which, however, pours in on us from all sides. 

There are various TV channels, Linkedins, Facebook, Instagrams and other social networks where there is so much conflicting information that we don't even know what is and what is not true. 

So if we already have "everything", why don't we ask ourselves the basic question? 

Are we really happy and satisfied with our Lives? 

I'm sure a year ago, (maybe) most of us would have answered YES. 

We could travel freely. 

We could do business freely. 

And we could meet our loved ones, parents, siblings. 

Or maybe just meet our friends. 

I myself wrote exactly one year ago on my Blog the current post on the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution here in Czech Republic (see quotation below): 

A lot of people are fenced up, what do I mean we're not free? After all, no one is preventing us from doing anything, we can travel, we can express our opinion, even on our top politicians, and no one really solves it much. 

Well, you can see how year after year came together and everything is completelly different. 

Cohorts "face masks fetishists", low-life politicians and various broadcasters spread fear as self-appointed epidemiologists, virologists and different madman who, based on mathematical models and so called Covid19 locked the entire world "under house arrest". 

And we lowered our heads and we listen quietly. 

Their unconfirmed ideology and stories about the so-called disease, which in my opinion does not exist at all. 

We listen to their other stories, such as a "piece of chemical story" that seems to have evolved in a few months (it used to take decades before) to help people out of their "coronavirus madness." 

Instead of focusing inside - ourselves. 

Just to think deeply and hypocritically about the basic question. 

What can I do for my Health? For our Freedom? 

And that's the problem. 

Nobody wants to do anything alone. 

Nobody wants to deal with themselves. 

No one wants to get out of their comfort zone. 

We like to live in our consumerist, egos-saturated life, where when something happens, we are not the one caused it (the "others" are to blame), because , Óóó poor We, we are just victims. 

Freedom requires responsibility, and we don't like that. 

Let others solve everything for us. 

Doctors, lawyers, politicians and others. 

For example, by putting on that nonsensical piece of cloth (face mask) , pill or "omnipotent" vaccine.

Why do I say all this? 

I went through everything myself. 

Thirty years ago in college, I fought for Freedom. 

I hace been founding Civic Forums (OF) in these times of "Velvet Revolution" in our region and eventually enjoyed "several years of business prominence". 

I was consumed by my ego and consumerist lifestyle until life put a stop to me. 

And that was the CANCER diagnosis in 2016. 

My false bubble of the materialistic world collapsed, my false world, the ego-saturated self blown away. 

In ignorance and delusion of the senses (as most of us do), I handed over the last part of my precious "Life energy" to Doctors to free me from this prison of despair and save me. 

I had 3 months to live at that time. 

The doctors helped me in part, for which they deserve my thanks (more on My Story). 

But in the end, it still went nowhere. 

Because I didn't understand anything at first and that's why the Cancer came back to me. 

Eventually, however, after a series of certain life Events (someone would say coincidences), I call them synchronicities and various Out-of-the-Body-Experiences  experiences (OBE ´s) I understood what life is about. 

I had an incredible time (and I still experience it) full of self-awareness that I had never dreamed of before. 

I have finally found my true Self. 

I decided to take responsibility into my own hands and heal myself. 

Without drugs and doctors. 

I experienced something unprecedented for the medical elite. 

I experienced a Spontaneous recovery (Spontaneous remission) from recurrent Cancer in its terminal phase

The reward was deliverance from the prison of my false Self. 

I regained my Life force. 

And so much valuable Freedom.

I am convinced that the time is coming right now. 

For all of us. 

Awareness time. 

The time of catharsis for all of us. 

A time of realizing our true nature. 

And the important message that surrendering our life force is the worst thing we can do (at any time). 

And maybe only by our inaction. 

By accepting such nonsense as the wearing of face masks unconfirmed by anyone  and our Soul-devastating social distancing. 

By bending our backs in exchange for a piece of "consumer freedom". 

It's going nowhere. Believe me. 

I experienced it with my illness. 

All the so-called "Smart people" convinced me of their ideology, strength and experience when I had 3 months of life left. 

They convinced me of their truth. 

To give them the last remnant of my life force.

I praise "God" and I will do it untill my last days come. I didn't listen them. All with the great help of my wife. I found myself. I recovered. Without drugs and doctors. I regained my Life force. My got my Life energy back. And thus my Freedom, which is always and only within us. 

They scared me and put pressure on me. 

As they haunts us now in this extremely important time. 

They scare us that we are powerless. 

They scare us that we can't help ourselves without them. 

And they manipulate us into the position of a victims who lets himself be "not peeking into anything". 

Victims who, for example, allow any dangerous substance inserted into their bodies. 

Someone calls it a test stick or a vaccine. 

Someone just out of comfort to travel. 

Someone out of necessity to be able to work. 

Someone for fear that the disease, which is nothing but the dis-ease of our Body and Soul. 

They skillfully manipulate us because we let ourselves be. 

It is a great challenge for us all. 

Stay in the hands of those self-proclaimed (and mostly elected by us in ignorance) or immerse yourself inside and find the rest of your Life force. 

Connect to our Heart, which is the gateway to our Soul. 

Use our Intuition, our sixth sense, which always advises us best. 

Finally, to express your free and unaffected opinion. 

However, it has one important condition. It must never be in the emotions of Fear. 

As the ideologue of a monstrous machinery said long ago, when asked:

How did you manage to turn such a peaceful and tolerant nation into people who committed such atrocities? 

I thought a lot about this wisdom of life. 

And he calmly answered something to that effect. 

What are you wondering? After all, this is true in all modes and political regimes. Drive people into an environment full of Fear. Fear for their lifes, for their identity, for their families and for their country. And you'll see what it does to them. They will behave like wild animals. 

Strange and pretty true, isn't it? 

Of course, even if someone doesn't like it. 

And it doesn't matter who said it and when. 

The energy and vibration of that message is important. 

The important thing is to just stop and use our common sense.

And think about it all in peace. 

Use your sixth sense, the connection to your true Self - let's call it everyone according to their beliefs as we wish. 

I call it the Soul. 

And do it before we lose the remnants of all our Freedoms. 

For which we fought together (not only) 30 years ago. 

You who experienced communism and the Velvet Revolution in 1989 know what I'm talking about.

And so, in the end, I would like to express my conviction that it is still time to think about everything. 

Take off the pink glasses of so-called prosperity and consumerism. 

Look at the world around us. 

We have everything we need. 

After all, there are billions of people around us who don't even have a tenth of what we have. 

We should be grateful for that. 

And we humbly realize that we don't need more than our Health, our Family, our loved ones and a few real Friends for our Lives. 

Maybe the Freedom, I would forget about it. 

To our Freedom, which we are used to, that we have it somehow automatically. 

And stopped respecting it under the guise of so-called democracy.

I wish all of us enlightenment so that in a few years we would not have to answer all our children and grandchildren with all sorts of questions about what we were actually doing at that time, when "the real Freedom ran through our fingers". 

As I have mentioned several times, I am optimistic. 

I believe in our divine essence of our Being, though temporarily lost on the road. 

I believe in the awakening from the dream that this consumerist and spiritually emptied time of the society of skillfully and cleverly manipulated people living in it is. 

Just still alive or rather surviving. 

I believe in the Common Sence of us all. 

I believe in the mutual help of all of us, the help of each other. 

Without the selfishness, self-interest, and pervasive exploitation that has taken root in our present "Western" society. 

I believe in much-needed change. 

And finally, I believe in the Truth and Karma of each of us. 

And the answer to the puzzle how to do it? 

Maybe as one of my favorite Authors described it, who said:

All people want to change the World, but no one wants to change themselves. 

So let's all start with each other. 

Just step by step. 

Let's change each of us a small part of ourselves. 

And this will automatically and all together change the atmosphere in the society we live in, on this still beautiful planet of ours - our mother Earth. 

Let's change it to a place where we value each other not for what it is, but what it does for others. 

Just because he wants to help. 

Just because he wants to pass on his life experience and energy. 

Pass it on to those who need it. 

And then miracles will happen.