The My Journey® Protocol is the basic pillar of starting the process of (self) Healing of your Body and Soul.

I call him Spontaneous Healing from any diseases, even from so-called incurable Diseases. 

Classical medicine calls this process Spontaneous Remission

Unfortunately for us, they ( Allopatic medicine) can't properly arrange it into their  "scientific templates". 

Plus, they are afraid they would have to admit and say Spontaneous remission is here for all of us. Since our birth. 

Classical school medicine forgets the basic hundreds, let it discover the old truth in the quote below: 

To heal our material Body separately from our immaterial Body (I call it the Soul) goes nowhere. 

That is why more people curing themselves and there are more and more Patients. 

And because they do not understand and accept (or do not want to understand) the meaning of these wise words above, the process of Spontaneous Healing cannot be started by them. 

And exactly to this goal is focuses on the My Journey® Protocol. 

The My Journey® Protocol is built to trigger in the body the processes of self-healing of our Body and Soul. 

To trigger what I call Spontaneous Healing from any incurable diseases. 

Why do I say that with such certainty? 

I can say for a lot of us hidden truth because I have experienced a Spontaneous recovery from returning Cancer in its final stage. 

I know it exists and is available for all of us. 

We just have to wanna change ourselves and have our Guide. 

Pavel Vojtek | My Journey®

What is the My Journey® Protocol based on?

The My Journey® Protocol is based strictly on my personal experience - Spontaneous recovery from recurrent Cancer in its terminal phase.

The best teacher or as I say Guide is the one who experiences everything first hand. 

And that was my case. 

And he passes on this hard-earned experience to all of us. 

So I do it with great humility and understanding. 

More about my case of Spontaneous Cure from Cancer here.

Pavel | My Journey Protocol® Ambassador

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness or an incurable Disease?

Or do you just feel miserable, in your not entirely satisfied, unhealthy, unhappy and not fully content life? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this Protocol is My Journey® just for you.  

The My Journey® protocol is a major part of the My Journey® Protocol Couching Program and the MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH® Online Course.

It´s built solely on my personal experience of my path of Spontaneous recovery from recurrent Cancer in its terminal phase. It is built with a single goal and that is to help people at their difficult crossroads in life. 

With this Protocol, unique in our market, you get an invaluable helper on your way to your permanent Health. 

That is why I have prepared it for you after endless hours of our joint sessions and dozens of joint phone calls. 

I firmly believe and I am fully convinced that it will take you one step further on your Journey to your permanent Health! 

I am looking forward to meeting you 

Pavel | My Journey® Protocol Ambassador 

Listen to more about my story here  

Basic pillars of the My Journey® Protocol 

5 pillars of My Journey Protocol®

These 5 interconnected steps on the way to your recovery from CANCER and many other so-called incurable diseases!


Tailor-made Menu

Remove all toxins from your body and switch to a healthy diet.


Relax, Meditation , Self-awareness

Eliminate all the blocks and high levels of stress in your body. 


Shake your Body 

Setting up healthy physical activities that support your vitality. 


Recharge your Power

Setting of pre-sleep rituals and peaceful and undisturbed sleep. 


Start living your new exciting Life

Incorporating all points of the My Journey Protocol® into everyday life. 

What is and is not the My Journey Protocol® about?

The My Journey® Protocol is not about curing your Body only, but it´s much more about understanding the principle and causes of your illnesses and setting up the process of your Healing. 

It is simply designed so that a person: 

  • understood the cause of his so-called diseases 
  • evaluated everything carefully and especially calmly and than
  • decided what further steps to take for his recovery. 

It is based strictly on my personal experience from the period when I was told the diagnosis of Cancer and the subsequent healing process. 

The My Journey® Protocol guides you step by step to heal your Body and Soul.

So, what I can do to start my Healing Process with My Journey Protocol®?

Read, study, get to know more informations about different ways of Healing 

Or sign up for The My Journey® Online School 

You can anytime choose our free online My Journey® Consulting Program.

Or you can choose of one of our Online Courses or Couching Programs.

  • You can study here in comfort of your home with our My Journey® Online Couses.
  • You can register to one of our My Journey® Couching Programs

Looking forward to see you!

Pavel | My Journey® Online School Founder

My Journey Online School® Divisions

We have there 3 different divisons of My Journey Online school. 

3 Ways how to get better with my Journey Protocol®

3 Different Ways of My Journey®Learning

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Free Online Consultation

Call me and find you cause of your Ilness and way how to get out at once

Online Couching Program

Dive in 3-month Couching Program to get-in and fix your Health.

Online Course

Get all-in-one package with your Online coutse incl. 3-month Couching.

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"Good afternoon, thank you very much for the quick reply. You fully captured me in the video. I looked at you as a revelation. I pray every day to find a way and suddenly you are here. Thank you again."  sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit sed quia consequuntur magni."



"I met Pavel, who just a few minutes after our meeting set up a mirror for me, which was strict with me at that moment, but together with Pavel's story it gave me the faith and strength to turn everything in the right direction. It was immediately possible to observe positive changes in the energy, which gradually filled the body again."  



"Dear Pavel, I am so grateful to have met you on my journey through life. Your site is filled with joy, hope, and a desire to illuminate darkness. I hope that your intention to help will be realized in full. Thanks a lot!".  



"Hello, I need to share a positive message with you. After two years, the CT scan has not deteriorated since the last scan. Thank you very much!"

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Pavel Vojtek | My Journey®  

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Knowing and studying new things is a basic step to realizing and starting the process of self-healing of our Body and Soul.