Why we can't breathe freely or just why do we (un)consciously destroy our health and also terrorize those who want to so-called "infect us".


The key foundation of our strong health, the basic privilege and human need that Mother Nature has given us. Unfortunately, we cannot do without it in life. 

Breathe freely. 

Until recently, it sounded so simple.

And of course after all, just like moving freely, going abroad on holiday, meeting friends without restrictions or just doing business freely. 

So simple and fundamental rights of each of us. 

Given by our constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Freedoms and Rights. And many others. 

How quickly we forgot about them. 

And most of us have been caught in the ubiquitous lure of fear and anxiety caused by various alarmists and self-proclaimed researchers, shrewd epidemiologists, virologists, and other similar individuals who are full of TV screens. 

Of course, with the generous support of "someone and something" managed by social media and TV. 

Behind the glaring submission of our political puppets, led by soulless puppets and strange individuals with psychopathic tendencies.

Which most of us call politicians. 

We let ourselves be voluntarily trapped in our comfortable zone of consumerism and our false Self (ego), which he wants more and more. 

More and more money, recognition, achievements and various other material goods. Forgetting the main thing that this in many eyes-opening time, supported by the bloated "pseudo-elite" of nations, has given us.

And this is our common time, for all of us. 

Time to think and rethink our lives, focused on the constant hustle and bustle. 

For a never-ending rat race to get something we actually find out in the end that we don't even need. 

Time to be with our children, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and rebuild what our ancestral lineages called. 

Time to realize that a well-functioning family is a family with a young generation built on the wisdom of ancestors and not on information googleed or. obtained on one of the half-truths of the media. 

It is time for everyone to walk through our beautiful nature together and realize the true beauty of our Being. 

Our selfless "Self", imbued with the all-embracing love of our neighbors and gratitude for what we have, whether we see it now or not.

In my past life, I flown around the whole world. 

I have seen the most developed countries, but also the last corners of countries often despised by us, such as remote parts of China, the territory beyond the Urals, but also areas full of homeless people in developed countries. 

What are the "Divided States of America" ​​for now. 

At that time, I was not really aware of the gift of my life. 

I lived trapped in the incredible daily manipulation and in a certain state of (auto) hypnosis in which most of us live. But my experience of waking up from a dream has opened my eyes in recent years. 

I considered myself a certain "elite" in "my past life" (before the spontaneous recovery from cancer). 

Inflated by his pride - a superman who is considered by many inflated owners of companies and corporations in our time, but also ridiculous and artificially inflated managers by their frightened ego. 

I was able to be very hard and umpathetic to people. 

Often without elementary humility and gratitude for what I had. 

I did not listen to the voice of my heart. 

 And he did not perceive the wisdom and proverbs of our ancestors, for example, that "Pride precedes the fall" and that "What we sow, we also reap." 

Either here in this world or behind that "imaginary curtain". 

And that is what this present time is about. 

Selfishness and the pride that springs from it are nothing but disguised fear. 

Everyday paralyzing fears that someone would not take my accumulated money, acidic material possessions or a warm place at work. 

And especially the experiences of endless flying around the world (we call it business trips and vacations), from which most of us will return beaten and often tired even more than before.

And when we no longer have these material goods and we are convinced that we have a right to them - we begin to look for the culprits. 

And since we don't really know who we are and what we are looking for here in this Space, which we call Life, we begin to blame others in Pharisaism. 

And then, for example, to terrorize them for not wearing those ridiculous cloths and pieces of fabric that are harmful to our health, which we have learned to call drapes and respirators. 

This is because we do not realize the essence of our main privilege from God, or let us call it differently according to their beliefs. 

And that is to breathe freely. 

And then, just caught in the daily rush of fear and anxiety, we don't even realize that these (non)sensual "protective stuff" do nothing but slowly but surely destroy our health. 

And the more we don't trust each other (because we don't know who we really are), the more we indulge in the hands of others. 

We call them doctors, scientists, politicians or other self-proclaimed messiahs. 

And we trust them more and more and less, that we no longer have the main thing, without which we cannot do without in our lives.

And that is our Life Force. 

An incomprehensible force indescribable by dialectical materialists with their so-called scientific worldview, which is called differently on different continents. 

 Qi, Chi, Prana or in our Slavs it has always been Živa. 

And without this "divine spark in the eye" (you will know that it is your pleasant feeling in surrondings of a such a person), we are more and more helpless, and with it come various diseases. 

For example, the artfully constructed and unsubstantiated so-called Covid19. 

And these diseases are nothing but the so-called (dis)ease of our Body and Soul, caused only by the absence of this quantum Energy of Life. 

And of course caused by ourselves. 

By our lifestyle, the environment in which we live and our diet, which is very important. And not only with physical diet, but also with spiritual. 

And we should just draw this spiritual energy from our ancestors and our lineage. 

By all supporting each other, enriching our experiences and helping each other selflessly. 

Which is unfortunately difficult in the so-called coronavirus period. 

This is not the point here, on the contrary. 

It is a matter of disrupting all this, especially family relationships and ties between people. 

Various proclamations based on their own ideology, introverted hastemen and intellectuals who have a patent on reason and know everything. And they don't even realize that they don't know anything. 

It is important for us to brainwash (rather what we have left of it) and barricade our hearts so that we forget the most important things. 

And that is our intuition. 

And also that there are "no others". 

It is only We, humanity connected in one endless, immortal dance of life, whose mission is to constantly develop and love our neighbors. 

And that's a big problem for most of us. 

And because we do not love ourselves in the form of selfless self-love, we cannot love our neighbors, close family members, friends, co-workers, but even competitors. 

And so we are not only trapped in that never-ending materialistic drum like the squirrel that runs in it when it gets wet and sick. 

But at the same time, we blindly listen to the "subliminal programs" that run on our "screens of life", which we watch in our daily grueling trot. 

Tired of the hypnosis of this consumerist world and the separation from the "others", we are ultimately left with no choice but to reach for a daily glass of alcohol, sedatives, or various health-threatening medications. 

Or even after that untested mixture of chemicals, which most of us look like as the only salvation and we call it a vaccine. 

We believed in this illusion (matrix) of materialistic life. 

We believed the story of the virus-nevirus, the face mask on which the world stands, social-distancing, the (dis)ease of the respirator and so much for the many (un) needed vaccines. 

We have given up any connection with this great Space, which provides us with everything we need at every moment of our lives. 

All you have to do is ask for it unselfishly and get involved. 

We have surrendered our Soul to the Devil for consumption and lust for our own greed. 

And for that we get a warning with a raised finger, let's call it a small microorganism, which we call Coronavirus. 

And it is precisely because we think we are omnipotent. 

That we can kill other, bit "larger" (like the virus) creatures-animals with impunity, that this is where we are descending to the level of a biological animal. 

What's more, we are able to kill each other. 

That's why we're so clueless that we can't breathe in the end. 

Or more or less we cannot "breathe out" this situation around us, which is to be nothing more than our awakening.

The good news is, we still have a chance. 

To understand the striking game with all of us. 

And immediately take off face mask, respirators, hug your neighbors, neighbors and friends. And maybe competitors. 

And start breathing freely. 

For those who do not understand, I have one old wise saying:

 "Then there will be two in the field. One will be taken and the other one will be left." 

Each of us has the opportunity to choose our path. 

The path of (no) hope and (des) ease on the one hand, or the path of faith and awareness, which begins with our very primordial world to breathe freely with the given possibility. 

And with this supply of life-giving oxygen and all the spiritual energy surrounding us, it will all happen to us. 

We stop surviving and finally start living. 

Each of us is always at the right time. 

That's how it was, is and always will be.