And we have the new mutation or how a consumerist man, scared and obedient lost his happiness


And that's what we wanted him to have! A group of elites called out in amazement at how one could go crazy in less than a year. 

Of course, I borrowed this paraphrase from an unnamed unwritten book of life by an unknown author, which should start to scare us now. 

Let's all admit that if someone (even the writer of this book) told us a year ago his bad dream described below, which he had. 

We probably didn't trust him. 

The dream of a disease and a virus that has closed the borders of almost all states with the artful propaganda of annoying and frightening media. 

He locked people in his homes. 

And he put pieces of rag on their mouths so that they could not "infect each other".

A dream in which the powerful people were sick with their desire for power. 

And so they invented a "disease" that was so terrible that they had to find a new name for it, because no one was afraid of the classic flu (and its swine or bird flu mutations). 

And they let their parents and children, who complained that they couldn't breathe, stretch these ridiculous, useless cloths (face masks). 

And so all are frightened, including those who should take care of the true health of those children (called school principals), under the threat of expulsion from school and expulsion from school, sent them as a warning to others, with bullying and contempt at home. 

They called it distance learning at the time. 

A dream in which these stupid ones keeping a power forbade contact with children and parents, parents with grandparents. 

Again under some chymph of ubiquitous danger. 

Standing around with sweat on their foreheads, they asked the narrator. And that's all, isn't it? 

And he spoke further, given the eager listeners for more information. 

Well, of course not. 

Then obediently all the people listened to the fictional story. 

And not only did they believe the whole story of the virus-non-virus that originated-not originated and allegedly killed-not, even though no one could extract it. 

And they listened to that strange story (because they saw it every day on television and on social networks) that it was so engraved under their skin that they stopped using the rest of the common sense (intuition) that they had left. 

And they listened on and on like scared, blind and obedient sheep. 

And the noose around his neck was slowly tightening. 

Well, wait, those people revolted in that dream, right? 

Of course, they did not revolt, on the contrary.

And wait, in the end I have to tell you what was even weirder. 

They had a special substance injected into their bodies, the "smart ones" and everything capable of it called it a vaccine. 

This is supposedly because he is supposed to help them against the alleged virus that no one has ever seen. 

Many enlightened doctors pointed out these irregularities, but no one listened to them. 

And I'd rather not tell any more. 

And don't even want to know how it turned out. 

Well, that sounds weird, the listeners said. Not to mention that it can't happen to us.

 They were noticing free people standing around at that time. 

Well, tell me, doesn't that sound familiar? 

Of course. 

We experience it for ourselves. Every single day. 

And none of us would have admitted in the worst dream of a year ago that it could happen to us. Certainly not us. 

Well, you see how tricky that life can be. 

And here it is! And so we have a very interesting time together. 

For someone, a tense time, full of stress and uncertainty. 

A special time in which a person who believed in this crazy and common sense incomprehensible narrative about the (pseudo) virus cannot rest for even a moment.

He does not know if he will lose his job, his livelihood, his mortgage and other material benefits to which he is accustomed. 

Such a man trapped in the web of his ego does not even know that he is already living in his prison without it. 

And it runs like the famous squirrel in the drum. 

And the biggest fun thing is that he doesn't even realize it. 

For some, however, it can also be a time full of awareness, knowledge and reassessment of life so far. 

Perhaps even the loss of material goods, sometimes even money, around which the whole world seems to revolve. 

But what if the money is just a certain unit of wealth, just as a meter is a unit of length and a degree of Celsius is uniform in temperature. 

What if it is the realization that getting rid of dependence on the material world and money, especially on various "advantageous" loans (as far as possible, which, of course, is not possible immediately) is precisely the mission and hidden information that is to reach us in this way. 

And if you don't get rid of them, then don't just let them be so obviously controlled.

What if the goal of this whole madhouse is just to rethink our consumerist lives, full of the steaming ego of everyone around us, always and everywhere? 

What if the mission of this so-called crisis should be our insight and awareness of the essence of our entire Being? 

When we can all make money, we somehow don't know how to be the right dad, son, grandson and grandfather. 

Do we not know how to embrace our grandparents and draw from them their experience often from wars (and not from the half-truths presented to us by various search engines), instead of scaring them and confining them in their homes or various, as we skillfully call retirement homes? 

Where they just suffer and die slowly with grief and lack of love. 

What if the only goal of this whole mess is our awakening from a dream, from which we wake up simply by realizing our dependence on the material world? 

And after that eye-opening awareness, we begin to return to our traditions and to the most valuable around us. 

We will walk through our beautiful nature, for example, and we will realize that we don't really know anything about our lives, ourselves and our mother's nature.

And we will begin to live more spiritually, not just selfishly focused on ourselves. 

We accept responsibility for our lives. 

And finally, we understand that he never has them in his hands other than WE. 

And after this understanding, we just laugh together at the silly story of the "terrible virus", instead of being afraid and terrified of it. 

We understand that our health and our lives are in our hands. 

And that he has no doctors, no drugs, and no vaccines at all. 

I know, it's not easy. I don't object, but it works! 

It is enough to stop believing those tales of frightened spreaders of fear, the semi-truths of various self-proclaimed researchers and guaranteed truth-tellers based on their ideology. 

And we will turn to ourselves. Inside. 

We will try to connect to what will never disappoint us. 

And that is our heart, which is the only gateway to our Soul. 

Then we will never take our neighbors and fellow citizens or even friends as "the others". 

We will understand that we are all part of one incredible Whole, which is part of a higher Intelligence (let's call it differently according to our beliefs). That wonderful Whole, which always and under all circumstances takes care of our well-being. 

Just open to HIM. 

I'm sure you understand that my family and I belong to the latter group. 

Although my beloved wife, the wife of my heart, and a related soul (for 31 years), we lost many material possessions during this difficult period. 

But we gained much more. 

Let's call it, for example, that wonderful peace in the Soul. 

That inner and at the same time all-embracing feeling that the right "mass" person (a person with the mindset of a dialectical materialist) can never understand. 

We have enjoyed the last ten coronavirus months like never before. 

We discovered the beautiful (and until then strangely hidden from us) nature around us. Sometimes I wonder how we could not have seen it during the 17 years we have lived here. 

Well, you see, they didn't see. But now we see and we are fine. 

And we're all even more attuned to each other than we could have imagined.

 And we have the greatest children we can have.

Thank you for this special time. 

Where one (non) existing virus and the (non) power of body and soul stuck to it, which a lot of people say Covid 19 turned upside down a lot of people's lives. 

Us too, but in the end we agreed that only for good. 

We accepted it all with humility. 

And we will always be grateful to us for this special (in) power of our body and Soul, embedded in a coronavirus-soaked time. 

Just as I'm grateful for Cancer. 

Grateful that she visited me when I was 46. 

And she quietly told me that it would not go on like this in my life. 

I understood everything and healed. 

I experienced a spontaneous recovery from FCancer. 

Alone, without drugs and without doctors. 

And I wish this awakening and healing to all of us. 

And for the many people who still can't understand and accept it, I have a message.

 It doesn't matter at all. Do you have time. 

And finally, doesn't it matter?