My Story 

Story about Spontaneous Recovery from incurrable desease and my intimate agreement with Cancer

As many of you already know, I have recently gone through a difficult period of my Life time.

An incredibly exciting journey, full of life challenges with a happy ending and an interesting unravelment.

Many people would say, journey of quite a successful entrepreneur, a father of a happy family, with a great wife, two wonderful kids, a beautiful house, a known company and even more ....

But the truth is that I was in the middle of 2016 year on such a level of personal despair that only few of you could imagine.

A shock from the clear sky that you will never be prepared for

Actually everything, my approach to my life, people I have been surrounded by and my almost 25-year self-destructive career has led me to be diagnosed with Cancer in the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Prague in mid-June 2016. 

With their recommendation for an immediate surgery that I have undergone the same day, during the next few hours there, at Central Military Hospital (ÚVN), in Prague.

I don't even have to write about the shock that morning ground-shaking news and afternoon surgery meant for me, you can imagine it yourself. 

After all, many of us have someone close diagnosed with "incurable disease" - as cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, etc.

 Great work of the whole team of doctors in Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Prague

Back to my story. 

Surgery went well, for which I am very thankful for the incredible team of Doctors in Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Prague - Střešovice.

After a few days after the surgery I returned back home with a scar about 15 cm on my stomach with a vision that it could not be worse ...

Lots of checkups, supporting chemotherapy ...

In the following days, I got into the care of doctors at Thomayer Hospital, where on the recommendation of the attending physician, I went through all the various CT, PET and other examinations and then "supporting chemotherapy".


Physically I managed it great, but I have to say that what it did with me mentally in the next 6 months I would rather not describe in detail. 

Just perhaps that I was not able to objectively think, I almost didn't remember anything, I made a lot of bad decisions, and on their basis, for example, some of my companies collapsed, politely said.

I felt terribly like never before.

 The invaluable everyday support of my unbelievable family and life went on

Fortunately, my great family, especially my wife has always been with me and has supported me very much during this difficult time.

Life went on and as my doctor at Thomayer Hospital once said, with all seriousness that "I will die of a disease other than cancer".

I have calmed down a bit, reorganized my life, reorganized my existing business and developed my new car repairs business.

Why did it happen, Cancer is back in a devastating form ...

After we returned from a vacation in the US, during holiday time of 2017, as a shock from the clear sky, I received the information that I should visit immediatelly my attending oncologist.

That he does not have good news for me ...

Immediately after returning from vacation, I visited him.

He told me that the Cancer had returned, now in the lymphatic pathways, and that 3 new tumors were growing in my body. 

He told me that I shouldn't underestimate it in any way ... as you can imagine, that made me so calm.

After several months and several CT and PET examinations I ended up with the diagnosis "Cancer is definitely back", in exremelly aggressive form.

Already 4 tumors continuously growing in the body, the largest one about 4x3x4 cm, which was confirmed by another 2 serious independent medical oncology institutions .

I was falling to the bottom and gradually got into a state of genuine despair.

And suddenly everything is clear to you, you regain firm ground under your feet and everything is again as it should be ...

What happened next I will not describe in detail, but it completely changed my life (more eg. in my blog We are more than our Bodies - the basic key for understanding a way to your complete recovery. ) .

I have tank to my unwavering faith and belief that I am healthy and I will heal myself.

My deep desire to live and my Out of the Body Experience (OBE) which influented my attitude to my ilness.

Meeting many great people without whom my healing could not have happened.

And last but not least thank to my wonderful wife and to my two brave kids, to whom I owe my whole life. 

I understood that my healing path will lead in another direction ....

I take a slightly different path of Healing.

As you have read or heard from me many times the slogan "Both in your Head and in your Diet", which I recommend you to pass through your mind several more times, I took a slightly different, unexplored way of Healing.

I refused, beyond all understanding to most people, another difficult surgery I have been offered.

And at my own request I also refused another planned drastic several-month chemotherapy.

I sincerely thanked my attending Doctors (I will not name them all) for everything they did for me, and there was a lot of things that I am very grateful for, and asked them to give me 3-6 months time to heal myself.

You can imagine how they reacted and what they told me ....

So I started with DETOX of a physically devastated Body and my tormented Soul.

On the last page of this introductory part of My Journey you can see how it all turned out.

The left photo is from a time when doctors told me that I had three months to live if I did not undergo surgery and chemotherapy (end of 2017).

And the right one is as you know me (and how I look now) - it's from about mid 2018, where I ran my first half marathon under 2 hours. 

I still run 130-150km a month as well as half marathons, now a little faster.

And I am preparing for my first marathon, hopefully I will manage due to Covid19 hysteria to give it already this year 2021.

On the left photo, 3 month to live (end of 2017), on the right one 6 month later
On the left photo, 3 month to live (end of 2017), on the right one 6 month later

People ask me how is this possible, Spontaneous remission or...?

Doctors call this incredible kind of complete recovery as Spontaneous Remission, because nobody really knows much about it.

You can google that expression and get interesting information.

According to documented cases, this occurs in significantly less than 1% of reccured Cancer patients, in other words, one in several thousand deaths of patients (I have heard somewhere one of 20.000), with the condition of the Cancer that I was diagnosed at the time. 

My sincere Thanks go to ...

At the end of this introductory part of my Story, 

I would like to sincerely thank once again to all those who have been with me on my difficult journey of life and time of all of the decisions I have made, to all attending doctors, colleagues at work and my beloved ones.

My greatest thanks and deep respect belongs to my wonderful wife and my great kids.

For always supporting me and giving me the room to make difficult decisions I made at the time of my greatest life challenge.

And giving me the room to make choices and decisions 

I make now in a completely different setting,

 with love, compassion and deeply understanding in my heart to all my colleagues at work, business partners 

and simply all the people who inhabit this beautiful planet - Mother Earth with me.

Thank you very much!

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor

And finally my recommendation ...

Never give up and never fall in your Mind, it is never too late to heal yourself, get well and start a new healthy Life, even if everything seems to be against you. 

Believe deeply in yourself, surround yourself with like-minded people, eat and live healthy, remove toxic people from your environment, don't give your precious life energy to a toxic information.

Have a strong belief that you are healthy and every day work hardly on yourself, on your approach to yourself, your life and your beloved ones ...

And really,  deeply believe that your life is just and only in your hands ...

Truly Yours,

Pavel | My Journey® | Holistic Cancer Survivor

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Watch and listen in peace next few minutes. Listen to a short introduction to My story.

Turn off your brain and turn on your Heart. Everything that should come to you will come to you. 

I wish uninterrupted listening to anyone. God bless you.

Pavel | My Journey® | Holistic Cancer Survivor

Author of the online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH® 

And in the end, some of my thoughts from my Blog regarding (in)currable deaseases and its infuence to our Health

With deep Humility and full Respect , I would like to say that Cancer saved my Life to be much more Healthy, Meaningfull and Content.