50 years, isn't that just a moment? Or how to live happily with your beloved wife for more than 30 years and enjoy every single divine day!


My great wife Sveta, my guardian Angel and my Soulmate celebrates the incredible 50s! 

Isn't it just a moment?

 50 years of life on Earth and more than 30 years together? 

The wonderful 30 years of a common Journey through an environment full of knowledge, common challenges, climbs, but also falls. 

An initial (as if by chance) meeting more than 30 years ago (in a trolleybus on a mutual trip during the "Velvet Revolution" (in 90´s of 20th century) to establish the Civil Forum in today's tyres manufacturer - Barum Continental Otrokovice).

When you feel that it is the right person, the real Soul with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. 

I felt that way that time and I must admit that I feel that way even after our 30 years together.

 My beloved wife and I have experienced everything that can be experienced together. 

We traveled all over the world together. 

We enjoyed building our companies full of steep climbs and unexpected falls (everything will be in my new book, which I have written on my desk). 

We enjoyed living together (at first) without children, for so long (20 years) that we found out how difficult it is to have them at all. 

And how we lack them in our Lives. 

In the end, the best children we could wish for found us. 

We live a beautiful and fulfilling life together. 

They are (Melisska and Timík) my best teachers. 

In the most beautiful environment we can have. 

And that makes a happy family. 

And for that loving family environment, I am perhaps most grateful to my lovely wife Sveta. 

For a family full of love, joy and moments together. 

For the great and my Soul-consuming opportunity to be as I like to say "chief with his spear and look dreamily into the distance". 

For being my best support. 

Just as I enjoy the gift of being the Guide of my great children. 

I have long since abandoned the idea that "children belong to me" and that they should always and everywhere listen to my word. 

Try not to show or force anything on anyone (sometimes it's not easy, especially with children), but I do the best I feel with my heart.

I am grateful to my wife for being able to still be here and enjoy the beauty of this environment, which we call Life. 

Everything could have been completely different. 

By the time all the doctors wrote me off (with the diagnosis of Cancer is back), I had a few weeks to live, my great wife was an indispensable support, without which I probably wouldn't be here. 

Thanks to her, I was able to experience the incredible experience of several Out of the Body Experiences (OBE´s).

Followed by my Spontaneous recovery from Cancer. 

She always supported me in times when (for a while) my Faith in the power of my healing waned, under harsh predictions and the dictates of "(all)mighty white coats" who were ultimately completely helpless. 

And they sent me to write a Will. 

There you will recognize the strength of the character of a sincere, non-profit and loving woman with a big heart, like my great wife. 

I will never be grateful enough for that. For her unwavering support, in good times and bad.

Nowadays, full of challenges and hidden meanings, a well-functioning family is the basis of our Being. 

At a time when the so-called elites of the nation(s) are trying to divide us, which is enough for them. 

Various nonsense, such as a dysfunctional and unverified "social distancing". 

And made-up Lockdowns.

By various ridiculous "protective so called face masks", which, instead of helping people, they are demonstrably harmful to them. 

It harms their health, both physically and especially mentally. 

It is a time when people have stopped believing in themselves.

Their divine essence.

 And they believed in the propaganda of desperate (pseudo) scientists, politicians and various researchers in their ego, supported by the unlimited finances of multinational corporations. 

And they passed their Life force into their hands. 

They resigned themselves to the power of their immortal Self, their Soul, which is connected to our Hearts, always telling us as the right compass which way to go. 

On this new Journey, I do not see people divided, but reunited into different Communities, where people embrace and support each other. 

I don't see any doctors on that trip and not any so-called vaccines at all. 

Chemicals that have not been verified by anyone and have not been approved in an emergency mode, which are not true vaccines due to the nature and meaning of the word.

And each of us is responsible for the consequences of their application. 

I see healthy people around me, returning to nature, to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and much-needed exercise. I see people tolerant of each other, full understanding supporting each other.

On that Journey, I do not see people enslaved in multinational corporations, overwhelmed by the best Loans, which are nothing but the "Contract with the Devil." 

I really don't see a cohort of enslaved people who can't decide freely what they enjoy and what they really want to do. 

And so they remain in their "jobs" as human zombies just to pay their mortgage at the end of each month. 

I see around me people responsible for my life and the lives of my children. 

Not subject to the dictates of stupid paramedics and their various servants, who put on various labels, such as the school principal, failing in their basic role, which is to protect the physical and mental health of the children entrusted to them. 

I see people around me balanced, not subject to various cunning and tempting trends of guaranteed health and certain earnings. 

What are the various cryptocurrencies or stocks with guaranteed returns. 

We decided together from this world full of consumerism, selfishness, the hunt for "something" and people who do not even have time to step out to their loved ones.

 Just don't get involved in that madhouse. 

This is not our world. 

Our world is full of other challenges, such as enjoying our common life full of health, common walks in nature and the presence of our loved ones, in order to all develop together. 

Not to parasitize on each other, as is happening in this current ego and consumerism-oriented "advanced Western" world. 

And to be fully present and aware in this world full of propaganda, censorship and half-truths, you need the right partner. 

And that, thanks to God, is my wife Sveta. 

Thank you, my Love again, for everything we have experienced together every day during those wonderful more than 30 years. Thank you for the love and unwavering support you give me every single day of God. I wish you good health, a waking presence and an open heart of a loving mother and a wonderful wife for the next 50 years together. The best moms and wives I could have ever wished for in my "earthly" life. 

With love, grattitude and happiness in my Heart, 

Your Pavel

Ours Soulmates are by far most important people in our earthly Lifes.