My Favourite Authors 

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients 

I am often asked during our calls, mutual meetings and interesting discussions , if there appeared anybody during process of my Spontaneous Remission from incurable desease - Cancer, who influenced me by very significant way , showed me and supported my own direction of My Journey towards my complete recovery from returned Cancer.

Of course , there were a lot of great People - Homeopaths, different kinds of Healers, Spiritual teachers, Zen masters, classic Doctors, Therapists etc., influencing possitivelly My Journey.

Man alone , is simply not able to handle everything by himself. 

I have to clearly from depth of my Heart declare that without help of my Soulmates , mainly my lovely wife Sveta, my unbelievable kids Timi and Meli and f.e. my favourite Authors, as described below, My Journey would last with high probability, much longer. 

So, please allow me kindly introduce and by my own way to comment following strong Personalities and by this to offer you kind of my insight for your personal Journey  - as:

, who entered in different phases to my "new" Life period , enriched My Journey by their typical ,very valuable and priceless way , each of them differently. 

I would like to thanks to all of these Guys, as well as to other Soulmates for their never-ending Energy , Enthusiasm and Inspiration, I could source during my hard times towards Spontaneous Remission , supported by physical presence of some of them , I have been honoured. 

Enjoy your fully conscious reading

Sincerelly Yours, 

Pavel Vojtek

Holistic Cancer Survivor

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

American Biologist, Founder of Epigenetics Science, great and humble man , worldwide respected Speaker and Author, I am very proud and have been honoured to meet with. 

There were much less incurable Deseases around the Globe , just if classical Medicine listen and accept some of Bruce Epigenetics teachings , he is over 40 years intensivelly studying and tirelessly presenting during his Worldwide Tours and Presentations.

I am personally read all of his 3 books The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect and Spontaneous Evolution, my No.1 choice in many aspects is his breakthrough publication - The Biology of Belief. 
Do not forget for sure to watch his great videos on YT and I am deeply convinced that it will leave on you indelible mark, as left behing me.

Dr. Valeriy V. Sinelnikov

Wellknown and respected Ukraine practical Psychotherapist and Homeopath, who influenced my Spontaneous Remission from my incurable desease - Cancer a lot.

Voloďa is explaining by very simple and engaging way , that we are not victims of our Lifes, but their very strong and self-confidence Creators.

I am convinced that his Books and his Teachings will influent possitivelly Lifes of other people , same way as influenced possitively My Journey.

I read almost all of his Books , majority of them in Czech language as Dohoda s nemocí I, Dohoda s nemocí II. , Tajemná síla slova, Síla záměru, Formule života, etc. , my No.1 choice are first two related to dealing with deseases, I have very intimate connection with - describing our necessary Agreement with our Desease -  Dohoda s nemocí I. i II.  

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Worldwide well-known and respected american writer, author of plenty of Bestsellers with print editions , over 50 mil. copies in many countries around the Globe., with deep regret , I could not meet in person.

Wayne was excellent Motivation Speaker and Spiritual Guide , during his life influencing and inspiring millions of people around the world by his study and interpretations of Spirituality, which he presented by unbelievably light and engaging way to couple of generations , with emphasis to personal growth of each of everyone of us.

He performed many public Presentations, Broadcastings  and wrote many books , starting with iconic Your Erroneous Zones , my No.1 is  Wishes Fulfilled, I have enjoyed a lot. Very inspiring and priceless are all of his unforgottable videos on YT.

O. Carl Simonton M.D.

Well-known and respected american oncologist, radiologist and psychotherapist, who´s book Getting Well Again , I have got as a firstly when I have learned Cancer diagnosis, in June  2016.

Carl was unbelievably brave oncologist , who more than45 years ago taught and used his Method of Imagination , with great success on his oncology patients. 

I have read his book Getting Well Again in my darkest times  and I have appreciated alternative way this book offered me, except of clasical surgery - chemotherapy - radiotherapy etc.

I would like to thank you to Mr.Simonton for his brave approach to his Clients in time where other way of Healing than classical , was mercilessly denied. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

Vietnamese Zen Master , 92 years old Budhist monk and world peace activist , which is one of most influential Spiritual teachers around the Globe.

If you are fan of Budhist teachings , Thay will be very likely most suitable author for you, while reading his books you can find a way to your inner peace and harmony.

He is offerening a lot of way of meditations and afirmations, which millions of his students are using daily by in meditations and common life.

 I have read almost all of his books as a Living Budha, living Christ, Being peace, Anger, The Micacle of Mindfulness, Peace is every step etc and I am returning periodically to some of them to tune my life rhytm and harmony. 

Eckhart Tolle

Well-known german origin Philosopher, Writer and Spiritual teacher, actually living in Canada.

Men with unique story of Awakening , he experienced in his 29 years , respected and folowed by millions of people around all continents.

Eckhart knows how to peacefully and by unobtrusive way , with his unbelieveble piece in mind and humility to express , by me , one of the basic truths of content and abundant life - the art of living here and now, in just and only present moment.

I like very much, not only all of his books as The Power of now, A new Earth, etc., but also his by me perfect ( for some people not easy to listen ) soul-healing videos on YT.  

Jaroslav Dušek 

Jarda is Czech movie and theatre Actor, who came to my pathway " by coincidence " , you know that I do not believe for coincidences :-), in very beginning of My Journey to Spontaneous Remission, when one of our longterm friends - Soulmates Vláďa send us link to two of his " Duše K " YT videos regarding alternative way of incurable deseases healing.

Jarda is in our region one of most understandable speaker in area of personal growth and self-awareness , explaining by very exciting way his view to a present life-time .

I have read both his books "TVARYTMY" and "Ze mě" , I reccomend both as well as many of his YT videos. You will find in all of them what you are actually searching for ... 

Ram Dass 

American Spiritual teacher and guide, orriginally named Richard Alpert , clinical Phycologist , Harvard teacher, who dedicated first part of his life to study of effects of psychedelic to a human life and consciousness.

After coming back to USA from India , where he studied Spirituality with his guru Ramana Maharši , he become a Spiritual guide of Baby Boomers generation in USA. 

Baba Ram Dass is big inspiration for all of those who seek growth in their spiritual life.

Great publication " Be here now " , as well as all videos on YT are caress the Soul for all , who slowly coming to awareness of truth that life is not just about our ego, consuming and never-ending growth ... 

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden je american Author and Speaker , who became after 20 year of his study and research of different nations and their religions , worldwide respected pioneer of connection between science and spirituality.

Gregg knows by very understandable language for wide audience to offer answers to a key questions of our being here as Who we are, Where we are going, Whats purpose of our life here etc and all what is connected with essence of our Being here and emergence of life on Mother Earth.

I have read almost all his books , as The Divine Matrix, Spontaneous healing of belief, Secrets of lost mode prayers, etc , where in the beginning I can highly reccomend the first one - The Divine Matrix , as well as his videos on YT. 

I like to read my books and listen its words and slowly in peace of my heart beat remember, what I have already known long time ago and from some reason forgotten ...