We are more than our Bodies - the basic key for understanding a way to your complete recovery.


Did you sometimes ask yourself why is a classic medicine curing just your Body and not complete human being ?

I suppose not.

Don´t be worry, I have been same in my previous set-up.

Why is it so ?

Becouse we do not have any logical reason to ask ourselves.

We are from our date of Birth "in perfect care" of different kind of Doctors.

We born, had a first look at our world and what we see - doctor´s "white coat".

Than compulsory visits of pediatrician ambulancies, compulsory (in many cases controversial) vaccinations and again and again similar "white coat" in front of us.

Here I would like to highly evaluate our kid´s Pediatrician doctor, with her holistic view of Medicine and not just nowadays highly commont approach "antibiotics for all problems".

And all moving on ahead till our adult age.

One desease followed by another one, always with assistance of not suprisingly by "white coat" again.

And so by time moving ahead, this "white doctor´s coat"  is slowly burned under our skin, that we the People in fact do not try to oppose anything they told us.

Neither oppose nor f.e. try to find an answer to a basic and crusial question.

Why there are happening me same things again and again in my life ?

Why some symptoms are followed with almost 100% same diagnose ?

Same diagnose with a reccuring regularity to the same desease.

What we are forgetting about ?

Influenced by all-pervading paradigm that ilness is inseparable part of our Lifes.

We forget completelly that this and that symptom followed by iron regularity repeats again and again, almost always after some situation with strong emotional background.

In our false faith, we believe that our Government supporting the "System" developed for us and offering us the best service (in fact nothing else we could see in our screwed life reality).

Sick and tired from a lot of visits and different health check in special medical ambulances, majority of us even do not realize that we are approaching slowly something much more serious.  

In a deep manipulation by "System", we do not realize that standard deseases become day by day invisibly a chronical ones, that means very hardly ( if even ) curable deseases by classical medicine.

We are blindly accepting our current manipulated state of our Mind as well as accepting this information of being diagnosed by so called chronical desease as our life truth, not even having a quick look at internet to search for something about. 

Crazy enough, we fall into believe that we have to consume our whole life dangerous chemical preparation, someone calls it as a Medicine or drugs, having a lot of massive side effects (say clearly new Deseases).

And in a lot of cases, till end of our lifes we are happily consuming all these drugs with our belief (programmed by our blinded Community), that this is the Best solution available for us.

And the System is slowly grinding us, till the moment, we´ll listen this horrible truth ...

Step by step, 

majority of us unconsciously getting to a stage, where I have been couple of years ago .

To the stage of learning and being diagnosed with so called uncurrable Desease diagnose - Cancer, Leukemia, Multiple sklerosis, Diabetis or so ...

In my case it was Cancer.

And once you get heard this shocking information, which is nothing more than our relentless mirror of our so far life, after a shock which will never go away from your head, we are again by smart hidden way manipulated to a claws of "white coats rails", which are more than 100 years "succesfully" bordering our more and more sick euroatlantic civilization.

And its dogma, still accepted by majority of us, that problem with your Health could be solved by this medical "System" only.

Represented by wide variety of drugs and not surprisingly by "white coat" again.

Why I am talking about this ?

Becouse, I went through all of this drama and trauma situations in my stage of deep blindness.

Ruled solely by my unconscious mind, finally having Cancer diagnosed.

Before that, I have blindly lived my life as plenty of so called succesful enterpreneurs, top managers and sometime even us a ordinary People.

My life driven by my bloated Ego was filled with a lot of anger, hatred, bitterness and most critical for my Body, toxicity both in food and many times full of toxic people surrounded me at that time.

I have lived in my current state of Mind, which was not longtermly sustainable with healthy and harmonic life. 

Where in the end, I have fairly ended up in the middle of 2016 year in state of hardly difficult to described state od despair, followed by shocking diagnose - Cancer.

Followed by same day operation at one of the best Hospital in Prague .

Did you think I understoond anything ?

With regret not.

It did not lead me with regret, as many other people with Cancer diagnosed to a real understanding why it was happening to me.

Now I know its caused by some state of collective hypnose majority of us live in.

Than by not undertanding one of most important and profound Law of Karma, within one year Cancer reccured.

There were new drastical operations planned with a lot of side effects discussed .

Operations devastating my Body, followed by months long chemotherapy I felt deeply in my heart I could not survise.

Than fortunatelly and not coinscidentally, 

I name it by purpose of life a lot of synchronicities happened.

I have refused, for some people still unbelievably both very difficult medical operation of four tumors, as well as proposed horrible chemotherapy.

I felt by heart, that classic medicine has nothing to offer me in my healing ...

And decided to heal my exhausted Body and crushed Soul by myself.

I don´t wanna repeat my Story again, but I would like really pass to you ...

This essential experience, for a lot of you still by your limited mind not easily understandable sequence of events.

Something as a game with my Destiny.

In first stage, for me not understandable as well.

Sequence of moments which were culmination of a lot our my meetings with interesting people, books I have read, etc.

This game with my whole life has been to my benefit, thatx to God, converted to a complete catharsis of my to date life.

Followed by complete breakup my personality to millions different particles definitellly different than those I lived my life to this date.

Even I will look eccentric now ...

I would like to share with you this Key and crucial moment, which inluenced my life and life of my beloved ones forever.

If you don´t believe me, never mind.

If you don´t understand it fully, never mind.

If you will be upset or embarrased, never mind too.

If you ask your friends or family members what is this crazy man talking about, thats OK.

All of this is OK indeed.

Becouse everything here is as it should be.

And for me it was groundshaking moment of understanding and deep awareness.

Everything in my current life was exactly as it had to be.

Just to show me that all I did in my life was just my amazing life mirror ...

Telling me whats really happened and why. 

So, why I have refused the second surgery and following chemo ?

Till this moment as well as in that tense time for many people unbelievable and still not fully undertandable quantum event.

In a crazy time, where I have been told by 3 indipendent medical renown institutions to have 3 month left to live, happened something unbelievable.

I did not publish content publically yet.

Description of whats happened that time to me, becouse I did not completelly understood this epic moment .

And why not is so, you can evaluate by yourselves once you read out following lines.

It happened in second half of November 2020

I was during this quite cold evening having regular walk outside with our lovely dog Meti.

I have deeply deliberated with myself about what I will be doing in next remaining 3 month of my life left me to live.

And till that moment I did not understand how I have been after my coming back from this evening walk magically pulled in a back terrase of house.

Its never happened before.

I was standing there for a while, watching a beautifull trees and slowly passing moon.

During this time of my reflection, my view was interestingly stucked through our window to dining room, where I have seen my kids doing their homeworks and my wife tired by all circumstances of those difficult days, preparing our mutual dinner.

And than it happened ...  

Whats happened and how it happened firstly scared me.

But afterwards, I have been poured by warm feeling of acquired consciousness and understanding, which in next days definitelly ended up my despair and official way of my curing by standard medicine, doctors and hospitals.

It started up by my deep thanks to all those all doctors who helped me till that moment of unbelievable enlightening .

It shifted me for my firm unalterable decision to go by different way.

Way of my mental healing.

Way of healing without doctors, hospitals and drugs.

So standing there on terrase ...

in this cold and damp evening, with reflection of the moon in my back I have realized (till this moment its hardly describe by words) that this picture of my kids and my wife inside of my house I am watching from a different dimension or different place, as f.e. from second floor oh our house.

Watching all of this fantastic picture somehow out of my Body, through the walls of our house, pulled in this unbelievable multicoloured and timeless 3D action. 

How long time I was standing there, I do not really know.

But a standing there as a nailed, filled fully by this unbelievable feeling of self-awareness I have understood the most important message of my current life , I say  "message from Heaven".

Clear message about a reason and way of my healing towards Spontaneous remision.

Btw which I am patiently trying to explain and pass to all of my Friends and Health Seekers till now.

In that magic moment strange question arrised, which as a enriching lightening went through my Being. 

Who I am ?

Its me a desperate man standing on terasse watching his kids and wife through a window ? 

Or its me who is watching those desparate man standing on terrase watching his lovely family through a window ?

I did not doubt about right answer not a hundreds of a second ...

I still have no doubt about this answer today.

Yes, you got it.

In this unrepeatable one hundred of second moment, 

which was one of most intensive and important moments of my life, 

I have understood truth that all our wise ancestors, thousands year trying to pass on us, 

that we are not only what we think we are.

We are not just our Body, 

but we are an infinite all encompassing essense of Being - our Higher Self, 

I name it humbly our Soul

And from that moment on everything was clear.

During that intensive moment of my deep self-awareness I have understood that cure just my Body crawled visibly by tumors (according many CT and PET scans) is not solving anything.

I have understood in this quantum epic moment as well, why my Cancer returned and what I have to do for my complete recovery .

As well as I have understood with no doubts that further operation and chemotherapies will not help me in any reasonable way.

I have clearly understood in this intensive while of my infinite Being, that its necessary to have deep insight into holistic view of healing .

View to a what was happening me during my life till that quantum moment. 

Bottom lined,

to heal not only my exhausted and sick Body, but my by years of misery and suffering crashed Soul.

And later after some other excursions to the land of my real Me, 

in a time of many exciting meetings with a lot of interesting people, 

I have understood that this unvelievable state of Beeing and state of altered Consciousness I have enjoyed, 

is in our literature described as OBE - Out of the Body Experience.

State of mind where my real Me was for very short moment out of my Body, 

Extremelly electrifying state of Being, 

which with a highest probability was my last call or invisibly connected event l before almost "no way back turning point" which is NDE - Near Death Experience.

I do not think is necessary to write and explain more about this exciting and very unique moment of my Life.

Thos who would like to understand, already feel it and knows it.

And who do not believe, never mind ...

And tangible result everybody seek and ask for ?

I am describing this on My Journey web in My story section.

During next 6 month after my OBE event my Body and Life was completelly changed.

Its hardly understandable by majority of doctors, my Friends, my family members even for some of Health Seekers I am communicating with, those ones standing on life crossroad - face to face with their biggest challenge of their Lifes.

If you do not believe, have a look at just to my photos in the end of My story section.

First, left one is in time of 3 month left to life and right one is after 6 month of my Mental healing.

I am sure you will feel difference...

Dear Friends and Health Seekers,

In the end of this for me breakthough post, 

I have to say that even some unbelievers appeared in a past time, 

I am very proud and happy that my story inspired and is still inspiring a lot of people, especially diagnosed with incurable deseases.

Not only those one who are on their life crossroad, 

but also their family members who are enormously important in this battle.

I hope they all hear gamechanging Story being one of their last lighthouses of on a way of understanding and complete recovery.

Or being just impuls,

so much needed impuls and motivation to radically change their life,

till that moment not so meanigful and happy one ... 

And most important in the end ...

Is just a basic message, 

firmly connected to my OBE experience which confirmed me and 

I hope plant a seed in you as well, 

leading enstoppably to my Spontaneous remision from this reccurable Cancer and your awareness which is ithe way to you.

All of this ,

by special way hidden truth inside of sometimes our stone cold hearts, that :

We are not just what we think we are.

We are not what a lot of people unmistakably claiming.

We are not just our Bodies.

We are what I name as our higher infinite Self.

We are our Soul.

Our Soul, 

which well connected what everyone of us name differently,as a Consciousness, higher Self, God, Quantum Field, Higher Inteligence, 

is part of one never beginning and never ending infinate, full of love and compassion Universe.

I wanna humbly express, 

being fully aware following hidden truth, 

which everyone of us will understand, sooner or later,

based on our current individual level of our Awareness, 

that each of everyone of us have from our Birth,

encoded possibility of self-healing from all of Deseases.

The perfectly hidden truth, 

that is never to late to heal ourselves (but its sometimes difficullt to be cured), with no limits how long time we went on our winding life pathway.

That free possibility for all of us to have our strong will, somehow ensuring that after necessary radical change of our current lifes,

there is guaranted start of completelly new, abundant and meaningful life.

Sometimes challenging life in our new dynamically changing ,

surprisingly friendly enviroment,

we sometimes name as good and solid Health.

Cure just our Body is not in many cases enough, without healing of our Soul and radical change of our lifestyle will every desease sooner or later return ...