World is slowly waking up from Coronavirus hysteria to real hangover, but we are enjoying againt all odds, one of the most wonderful days of our Life.


And that there will be nothing pleasant with our society-wide wake up from this nonsense ongoing hysteria, its clear for all of us.

Becouse majority of us bought into a "Chinese Coronavirus narrative", started with panic, followed by quarantines all around the world, compulsory face masks and nonsense fear of virus, which was here very likely some decades before.

Ended by unprecedented global economical recesion, that no one from even "Big Guys" seems to be able to seriusly deal with.

We have given our Lifes to the shaking hands of self-proclaimed epidemiologists, prognostics creating strange computer models and different kinds of fear criers.

Being frightened by so called "new virus", half-blind by fear, we forget, that every year are dying for similar kind of flue hundreds of thousand people around the globe.

And whats even worse, we are slowly recognizing now, that total mortality in period before so called Coronavirus pandemic will be more or less same or even lower in many countries than during, some people say on-purpose created P(l)andemic. 

And we are slowly asking ourself, was it all worth it ?

I think, definitelly not.

Its already clear now, that global economies will recover from this unprecented shock many years, even some economical experts are warning us that there is no markets recovery in front of us for foreseeable future.

Over all, we all will suffer by giant dept we will give to our kids and grandkids. 

And I am really not sure that by fanatic way implemented quarantine, strongly supported by mainstream media and nonsense "social distancing" theory, which goes directly againts a people nature of very needed mutual human communication would saved us, as some of a "Smart Guys" claimed.

Deadly mixture of fear and by fear caused stress (described and confirmed by many studies) thrown this mental dirt to all of us, but whats most horrible and punishable is that it is paralyzing our Senior citizens and causing more damages than benefits. 

Not just damages to our physical health, but also mental ones

Damages caused that our humanity will recuparate very long time.

As f.e. we had a chance to badly "enjoy" on our grandpa story last week, during this nonsense Coronavirus hysteria, being locked down in his small flat.

Watching every day stupid News about Coronavirus and COVID-19 death tolls growing, had thrown him to a state of collapsed breath ability joined with high blood pressure.

Strange, that surprisingly he is suffering whole his life with low blood preasure. 

Thanx to God, it ended by Urgent Ambulance Team had to pick him up from his flat and deliver him to a hospital for complete health check.

Fortunately, everything was OK and his health has stabilized.

And what do you think, COVID-19?

No no no, just his weakened organismus filled by fear and stress only.

What a pitty for COVID-19 egomaniac cohorts wishing to support their paranoid idea of deadly virus.

Do you think lines written above are so tough?

For someone yes, for someone even not strong enough.

I am very looking forward for a final results of yearly total mortality by each Country.

Results of secret formula which discover all truths behing so called Coronavirus agenda  and that is - alleged saved lifes vs. real economical damage done, caused by castration of whole economies, elimination of basic human rights, followed by huge economical recession, well connected with unleashing giant Dept, probably no one will be able to pay off.

Even, I have one more interesting argument for my Statements 

I will quote one of czech proffesors, ex-head of one of the biggest Czech Oncology Clinic , where he stating - " just for oncology deseases are dying in Czech republic tens of thousands people, yearly total mortality is approx. 30.000"

That means approx. every 20 minutes is one fellow citizen dying.

Same figures are valid for cardiovascular deseases. 

And as many articles in our newspapers describing in these days, there is not enough available hospital care capacity for these oncology and/or cardiovascular deseases patients as COVID-19 patients are eligible for. Same kinds of care as was absolutelly common before to the extreme banished so called Coronavirus crises.

Delayed dates of many needed life-saving medical operations just confirms this bloody hidden truth. 

But folks, attention please!

Its Coronavirus show time, 

well organized hysteria and perfectly planned panic connected with.

So, we have to obey and be part of this silly endless sheep line. 

Reason why I am talking about is connected with my epic life experience 

And this is my complete recovery from final stage of reccured Cancer.

Achieved without Doctors and any scientic Drugs.

By my mental healing and help of my family, especially my great wife.

Proffessional public having no clue about it.

And named it as Spontaneous remmission.

I am openly describing this unbeliavable phenomenon with my deep humility in My story at this website, as well as I am talking about it on My Journey YT channel.

Someone can admit, that cancer is not so serios as "horrible" COVID-19.

Yes, but I do not think, there will be so many of those ones saying this.

Folks asking me, why I am during this Coronavirus hysteria so calm ?

Strange enough, becouse labelled as "Oncopatient", burned into my skin by proffessional Medical society, I should be the most vulnerable one.

Calm and quiet I am simply becouse, I think that all of this nonsense Coronavirus propaganda is many time completelly hyperescalated theatre.

We are experiencing similar flu epidemy every year, is not it true ?

But we never got so crazy like this from similar kind of infuenza.

There were a lot of sick people during these flue epidemies, classes in schools half empty, a lot of missing coleagues at our works, but we have never been so feared and in panic as during this so called pandemy .

And if we got sick, we stayed at home for couple of days.

Laying in our bed and relaxing with litres of hot tea with honey.

We got better and hurray after week of relax back to our job.

No one, bit selfish in his Self, did not put any attention at hundreds of thousand dead people around the globe due to every year flu epidemy as we are fooled by COVID-19 nowadays, supported massivelly by mainstream media and our politicians.

And I do not like go deep into not 100% time correct diagnoses of death certificates with patients having multiple morbidities diagnoses, confirmed before death of these patients.

But we have to accept it, in this crazy times where COVID-19 is responsible for everything.

And what about to use our common sense and our intuition ?

I have to say and for better undertanding of this crazy times, I am very grateful to my so called incurrable desease - Cancer, by medical public still thinking as incurrable one.

And sometimes I really do not understand why majority of our Euroatlantic civilization still believe to this label "incurrable".

Cancer taught me to be more humble and compassionate person, just not only by some of my OBE - Out of the Body Experiences I was honoured to went through . 

I am talking about it on My Journey YT channel.

Vibrant states of lifted and changed cousciousness followed by awakening and understanding, that majority of illnesses are cause by our exhausted and toxified bodies as well as by our everyday suffering Soul.

All of this caused by a lot of toxicity present everyday in every moment of our Being, not only caused just by toxic food , but also caused by very toxic relations and toxic informations we consume voluntarily every day.

In many cases vastly supported consumtions of full of chemicals not only daily food, filled with all those scientic, mostly deadly ingredients - emulsifiers, but also different of  our health damaging GMOs , as well as non-eatable fast food .

And underlined, last but not least different kind of drugs, in many cases causing side effects (say new deseases), we use nonsensely f.e. for every small caugh and fever. 

And in a not small scale its definitelly about toxic people we are surrounded, invisibly supported by all kind of toxic information, we consume out of mainstream and social media every day.

Majority of people object, that it is so simple to be truth

It is and the same way it is not.

Just hear about something, something to read about, does not mean to introduce it fully into our everyday life.

A few people has firm will and steadfast discipline to change his by toxicity filled current Life, becouse they can not just imagine to do so.

And even if they can imagine, they can not keep on track doing it.

And than full of perfectly hidden despair, they have to falsely apologize their weakness why is not possible this and that and throwing responsibility to others.

Many time cowardly apologizing themself becouse they are doing it for their families, mortgages, leasings, kids education, jobs etc.

Absolutelly not realizing that weakened and lately sick human will not be able to pay his mortgage anymore.

Same way I did not realize it couple of years ago ...

That´s why I say My Journey is not for everybody

I would like to say with all my inner Belief, that My Journey is great for its unquestionable support of one of the most important part of our Body and this is strong Imune system, which is so much needed in this extreme period of time.

Supporting and strenghtening imune system which is no doubt strongest and only one nature barrier against all bacterias and different kind viruses as f.e. Coronavirus. 

That´s why I am fully consciously offering, during our discussions and mutual calls to all of my Friends and Health Seekers, that I would be with my pleasure exposed unlimited time to any patient diagnosed with Coronavirus or COVID-19, keeping my strong health simply becouse I do not have such program of illness in my head.

That ´s why I have never been at Doctor ambulancy almost 3 years 

And I am not planning to go there in next couple of tens of years.

That´s why same time I am not consuming any medicine (say Drugs), becouse I do not think that it will help me in any reasonable way.

I also do not plan to allow somebody advises to vaccine my lovely family, including me not getting any vaccine, even if it would eliminate some of my human rights, f.e. travelling abroad.

Risk is simply too high with no benefits at all.

Believe or not, our body is divine and almighty.

Its just about to find inside of us this huge and inexhaustible power of selfhealing.

Smouldering in each of everyone of us, as I have " God bless " found it in the beginning of my process of Spontaneous remision from final stage reccured Cancer.

After that awareness I known by heart, there is no virus or desease can surprise me.

Neither influent me, nor cause any kind of serious desease.

That´s why I stay absolutelly calm and still in time of this and will stay calm during any of other future pandemies as well.

And while everyday communication with my Body and my Soul, getting sometimes a feeling that I need to fill in more energy into my Body, I just go surprisingly for a run.

My lovely, my health supporting run, which btw helped me a lot to survive my battle with Cancer, my mind cultivating run through our beautiful forests surrounding our house and take a piece of deep breath of a fresh and still unpoluted air, full of all ingredients we need for our healthy life.   

And as I have humbly announced in title of this post, we are really enjoying this funny Coronavirus time with my lovely family as no time before.

Altogether with my friends and family, which is over all in my new Life surprisingly started in my 49 years age.

We have mutually found with my wife and kids, so much beautifull places we have never seen before, blinded and been hypnotized and caught in past life time.

Nowadays, we enjoy fully unbelievably communicating and nurturing our life nature, surrounding our house, that we cannot wait more for another mutual walk, just enjoying our by love and grattitude filled mutual Being.

Dear Friends and Health Seekers,

allow me kindly express myself and I am doing it again and again in my posts on my both this My Journey blog and my discussions with you - following truth I have learned during my story of Spontaneous remision from final stage of Cancer which is, believe me,  essencial ground base of our good health.

For some of you still hardly acceptable and on daily basis not easy to complain with - and that is our healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

As one wise man said following wisdom which harmonize with my Soul a lot :

We the People, wise Creatures, working hard whole our life to enjoy our later healthy life.

While processing this longlife, full of stress, hard work and hunger for a money, we loose our Health completelly.

And than we are spending in a hurry all of hardly earned money to get our destroyed health back.

And as in my previous posts on my Blog,

I am not a Healer,

I am not a man who is pushing anybody to do anything,

I am not the one who wanna to convince you to change your Life, 

I am just a Storyteller. 

A man with a unbelievable story of Spontaneous remision from reccured Cancer, 

A ordinary man seeing a World from a different perspective, trying to express by a bit different way his sometime hardly understandable insights and some views into our near future. 

Each of everyone of us has to do his first step by himself alone.

Of course, someone can do this first step with you, but no one can do it for you.

Becouse a lot of us still in our blindness absorbed fully by our false Self, so called Ego 

and our dependancy on outside material world, 

caught into a some stage of collective hypnose, we are still not realizing one of profound truth that 

what we plant we harvest.

Both as our own personalities and we all mutually in pervasive collective consciousness. 

Fortunatelly, there is still here, from our date of birth, 

very safely hidden inside of each of everyone of us the power, 

I name it as a our omnipotent Power of (self)healing.

This invisible power, by our five senses untouchable energy is here for each of everyone of us.

Where after our (self)awareness of main sense of our Life,

understanding base causalities of our Nature, 

connection of our Body and Soul, 

reassesment of our current relations, 

and than based on our consciously corrected relations, thoughts and percepcion of surrounding world 

is this invisible self healing energy ready to serve us, 

and help us everytime to direct our life pathway,

towards by us still unknown Matrix, 

we mutually name as an abundant and meaningful Life.

And than, sometimes still unbelievably

surrouded by endless awareness, understanding and love in our hearts,

feeling unconditional and all embracing love of our beloved ones,

accepting irreplaceble role of our soulmates - wife , loved kids and family members,

we walk everybody invisibly connected each other,

on our Mother Earth fearlessly ahead,

on our winding road of our Lifes,

road full of our everyday life and health Challenges, 

which is not just a road, 

but our goal of our infinite Lifes.

with Coronavirus or without it ...

Law of Karma works for each of everyone of us - what we plant, we harvest