To be vaccinated or not to vaccinated against so called Covid-19? It´s really worth it?


This is the key, deadly and perhaps most frequently asked question these days. 

My brief comment on this explosive question, which many people prefer not to comment on.  

In addition to a few brave fellow citizens, the true spiritual elite of our Nations, often esteemed personalities, incl. doctors, all of whom mostly found themselves for their honest opinion "on the scum". 

Why do not many fellow citizens prefer to comment on this most important issue?

 Perhaps for fear of negative and acute reactions. 

On the one hand, it often begins with dishonesty and ridicule, and on the other hand, it ends with censorship (as I myself experienced) in the so-called free media and continues by in many cases nasty bullying. 

We live in a strange (so called) free world. 

I'm glad we were used to always telling the truth at my home. 

I also had a lot of trouble with it in my working life. 

It is a pity that truth and character behavior are no longer practised at present.

Yes, that's right, unfortunately I can't help myself now. 

I have to say my civic opinion, even if someone doesn't like it. 

They may include me among the so-called anti-vaxxer (though this is not the case) or otherwise disturbed and strange man, who does not understand everyone else a clear so-called scientifically based narrative, tied suspiciously coordinated in all world, so-called free (un) censored mainstream media. 

It is surprising what absurdities the so-called scientific and political elite are willing to go to. 

Unaware that they are more to their detriment than useful. 

It strongly reminds me of my interview with a college of specialists - oncologists, when I informed them at the end of 2017 that I would recover from the terminal stage of returning Cancer on my own. 

No drugs and no doctors. 

They thought I was crazy then. 

After all, like me, it still experienced by a lot of people today. 

It doesn't matter, their time will come. 

We all understand everything, always at the right time. 

Unfortunately, sometimes (or thank God?) It may be too late. 

After all, do you know that important wisdom?

 No one escapes the consequences of his actions and thoughts. [Plato]

If this centuries-tested wisdom, these political benefactors and researchers a.k.a. Renowned scientists realized that they would certainly approach this constructed problem with the pandemic.

And its solution first by dangerous face masks and respirators and then by an untested, untested and unverified so-called vaccine. 

And that's why I feel very important to express my personal opinion. And that is that I decided not to get vaccinated in any case. Myself or my beloved children. I'll wait to see how the situation with this mysterious "chemical gene therapy" develops. In addition, I have no reasonable reason to participate in this largest human clinical trial. I don't feel anything good about this "hurray of action".

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To answer this question, the deadly question "To be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated against the so-called Cov1d-19?" I express myself in Episode No. 02, the My Journey Podcast®. Listen to it and especially enjoy it in peace. 

It is probably one of the most surprising and for many people controversial audio (and video) sessions in the history of My Journey. 

When listening, please turn off your (daily hard work) tired brain and engage your heart. This is the only gateway to your Soul. 

Let's look for answers there.

Guys, we stand together at a great crossroads, each one of us, and the human race as such.

 I wish all of us to pass this test, described in question above, which is nothing but the greatest IQ test of humanity in the 21st century, with our heads held high. 

In my world, I see people upright, conscious and responsible for their lives. 

And I firmly believe and hope that you see him that way too. 

I you good Healt and endless awareness in these strange times!

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor | | | | | 

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