Why is our Euro - Atlantic Society so sick and powerless due to Coronavirus crisis and how it reveals our Selves.


We are facing unprecedential sequence of events in past days with so called Coronavirus crisis, which got out of hands those we relied on and who should solve it on behalf of us. 

For vast majority of us, we have never been confronted in these days with such urgent challenge as so called Coronavirus crisis and by this crisis caused COVID-19 desease.

A lot of people starting to realize overwhelming fear, anxiety, neggative emotions and connected worries about what will be in near future and even strongest and most influenced people start to be engaged in this unprecedented situation, trying to find a logical way out. 

Even those who stated its nothing they will influence them with need to think about, calling loudly for any reasonable solution, different precautions and different king of aids from govermental and both non-goverment entities.

We are slowly admitting, that nothing will be same in a near future as was before

Fear of what will be tommorrow and I do not think about where we go for another exotic holiday, which king of overpriced garbage we will buy in shopping different malls, in order to define us against Others or which brand and model of a new Car we buy to amaze Others.

These kinds of pettinesses and nonsenses in our lifes stopped to interest us, becouse business is paralyzed, no one is buying anything except of food and drugs and perhaps only possitive stuff in that so called Coronavirus crises caused that we lock-downed People have more time to slowdown, enjoy each other more, start to think deeply about our Lifes and evaluate sense of our future life pathway.

We are slowly starting to realize that there are really no "Others".

Consciously realizing that only one what exists is a WE as a WHOLE complex , as just one organism living on and enjoying our beautiful planet - Mother Earth , dedicated to cooperate each other and not to compete each other as everyday massive manipulation from different kind of social media trying to wash our brains.

Realizing that one of a main Purpose of our lifes is to support each other without any side intention, which became in many cases invisible thread of our everyday so called " Doing " of majority of us.

A lot of people finally starting to realize, that we are mortal and easily vulnerable, where I would unlike other so called ( nowadays desperate ) authorities, with my full humility to ask all of us for being thankful to this unnecessarilly Coronavirus hystery for and not to see this kind of so called dangerous virus and (dis)ease as our enemy at all , not to fight with it everyday, becouse this distorted vision of current situation has no painless way out of this suprisingy hysterical situation. 

Why I am allowing myself to say this at first sight making no-sense sentence about grattitude to COVID-19 and Coronavirus ?

Simply becouse I have personally experienced similar, maybe even worse life situation.

In time of my final stage of Cancer, where 3 independent medical teams and respected meicl authorities told me that I have just about 3 month to live, where I was blindly ( as we do nowadays in this so called Coronavirus crises) trying to fight with this desease , not understanding its real essense - in my desperate and surrended life happened to me different kind of strange situations as Out of the Body Experiences ( OBE ) , I am describing in details in other articles of my Blog. 

These OBE´s and closely connected unbelievable experiences beyond all doubt explained me, that fight with my desease - Cancer, by many people falsely considered as incurable , as well as with any other desease as f.e. COVID-19 is plain nonsense. 

What makes only sense is to understand why this desease came here, what is trying to tell us by its presence and understand that it is nothing more that incredible urgent call for reassesment of our current Lifes and thoroughly hidden instruction to find a way out of this black hole.

And than immediatelly after our Awareness and full understanding of all context , to do fair Agreement with this not just our Body , but also illness of our Soul.

Agreement about , that we really understood all context of our Lifestyle, full of useless accidents, that we decided to step ahead on totally different , unexplored way of our future Life.

And this is a point we should start.

Just realize, that was enough with devastateting of our Nature and our Bodies by destructive lifestyle we live, saturated by different chemical preparations, longtermly not compatible with our healthy life as full of dangerous chemistry food, our bodies devastating and paralyzing alcohol, different kinds of addictions, as antidepressant drugs and last but not least all kind of drugs, damaging our bodies,  containing dangerous chemical coctail with a lot of side effects, which will never lead to any longtermly sustainable health supporting results.

Exactly as we see almost no real results in terms of curing of chronical, civilizational and last but not least so called incurrable deseases as a diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis or leukemia. 

As well we see almost no succcess of curing different kind of viral deseases ( f.e. flu ), what is manifesting in front our eyes in these days during Coronavirus pandemic hysteria assisted by naked helplessness of current pharmaceutical world with all of its so called Experts.

If we are so genious and smart, where is a Problem?

It looks like problem is with our "Elite" and its inability to openly admit that there are no fully working and tested drugs solving these chronical and civilizational deseases.

And that they are mostly groping around in a blind space using "hokus-pokus" method and trying to sell us idea that they are doing everything what they can.

Its more that clear, that if these "Big Guys" would offer something really working and helping us a normal People, than we could see these 120 year old supermans running athletic ovals as youngsters and we ordinary people would not die for such a deseaseas as a Flue and other so called (in)currable deseases , as is f.e. Cancer. 

And whats a next step to do before we all collapse?

In no case I would like to be the one who take a right to tell people what to do and how to proceed further in this difficult situation.

Same way as main idea and mission of www.MyJourney.cc website is to help people on their life crossroads, I would like with my deep humility and your permission to be just your Guide, who despite of all difficulties of its destiny, expressed by words current materialistic civilization understands - "defeated final stage Cancer" ( you know I never defeated Cancer, but made fair Agreement with ), in time where so called Medical "Elite" were in my Case desperate with no calm and reasoinable solution of my deadly situation. 

I would like to aspire as one who experienced Spontaneous remision, to be invisible voice for all of us without any differencies, who will offer simple and understandable road towards unbeatable Protection of our Body against any desease caused by both bacteria and virus or different kinds of microorganismus, followed by different strange symptoms, hardly understandable diagnosis, whom in fact are not understanding neither we People, nor medical Elite all around the World.

Everything comes from czech word "JEDNODUCHOST", which means SIMPLICITY

For a lot of people its common word, even in english speaking countries we are using it everyday without any special hidden expression.

For me is this word really Key one.

Allow me please short excursion to our lovely bushy czech language where Jedno-Duchost means One-Spirit, one Whole, which we all of us are part of and the Whole is part of us, if you like it or not. 

By this I have entered boadly banned area of Spirituality, which is in our by materialism and egoism filled space not very popular, despised by majority of people and even in many cases prohibited to speak about.

I am fully convinced that this very important part of our Life which is area of our Spiritual Development, is nothing less than main doors to following pathway of understanding and awareness of current urgent situation, which if not fully explored and understood will never allow us to undertand true essense of our Being, where without this understanding we will never find longtermly sustainable way out of our current life and test of Solidarity, exactly given stage of our Humanity.

I know and feel, that many of us starts to consider this necessity of spiritual change by heart , which is gateway to our Souls, but in time of deep manipulation is not simple at all to break away of these manipulated crowds and start to go with misunderstanding and ridicules of those who knows everything and in fact does not know anything, to go against a main stream on a new pathway, which in fact has no specific end.

Except of satisfied, abundant and meaningful life surrounded by beloved ones, lovely family, enjoying every divine day with a main goal to be beneficial and useful for all of us, our whole Community and not to live at expenses of Others, as became in past few decades inseparable part of our lifes and busines careers. 

Just to take over full responsibility for our Life, take back our own inner Power, as different religions name it as Qi, Chi, Prana, Živa etc. and realize this urgent change, which is standing in front of all of us, without which our omnipotent Nature will survive for sure, becouse of its unbelievable self-regulation function, but (couple of month ago) , we "The puffy People and Creators of World", very likely not.

So, when is a right time to do change ?

Only right time is right NOW.

Not tommorrow, when Coronavirus vaccine appears, not next month when crisis is gone.

Only right moment for any change is just HERE AND NOW.

Becouse yesterday is already gone, we can complaint for, but it will never come back.

And tommorrow never exists, becouse tommorrow is just now moved in what we name as a Time, chronologically couple of hours ahead. 

And as one of famous authors , Lev N.Tolstoy said and we should take it strongly into our considerations :

Everybody would like to change the World, but nobody is willing to change Himself.

And so, I think, that this vibrant time is more than before, just about this RADICAL change in our Hearts and followed by change in our daily Lifes, each of everyone of us.

Than, all disparate puzzles fit together....

And after full understanding of main essense of Life, 

newly and finally saturated by healthy food, 

supporting the most important part of protection of our organism, our imune system, 

life without any unhealthy chemicals (drugs, medicine, alcohol and different kinds of chemical ingredients), 

without any harmful toxic people and toxic informations,

filled with sincere interpersonal relationships, 

after hearing of our Self desperatelly crying for a change, 

supported by our everyday improvements, 

and so much needed exercise on a fresh air, f.e. in our still so beautifull nature.

All of described above , surrounded by understanding and unconditional love of our loved ones, 

we finally figure out that everything is exactly as it has to be, 

and that this hoax pandemy of Coronavirus, full of useless panic, desinformations and hystery, is just message from "Someone", we can name it/him according our belief and religion as we want, 

and urgent call for slowdown and our deep self-awareness of main essense of our Life and its Mission.

And nothing more than just,

to live here and now,

not to be immersed into the Past, which never come back or future which is not here yet,

to enjoy our everyday life on our still beautiful and serving us devotionally Mother Earth,

to be surrounded by our lovely Family and all living and inanimate creative, who are part of one unbelievable, till this moment still from big part unexplored and still perfectly caring about us,

the Whole, who always knows, when to humbly and modestly recall us,

that " nothing grows to heaven forever  " ...