The true destruction of humanity are not diseases like the so-called Covid-19, but people who act like Cancer


By understanding the essence of Cancer and carcinogenic cells, we will understand where humanity has irresistibly stepped 

It does not necessarily have to be this way (destruction of humanity), we can change everything at every point of our development. 

All you have to do is understand what our true Self tells us and arrange yourself accordingly. 

I started writing this article on my blog on New Year's Eve 2020 with the aim of passing on to readers of My Journey® something that exceeds everything that came to me in 2020, as I sometimes say by "universe mail". 

In 2020, I have not only experienced my intense transformation into a more or less spiritual Being, but of course I also had the opportunity to experience and participate in several incredible stories of several interesting people. People first tormented (almost) to death by various diagnoses and then haunted prognoses. 

And then, as if by coincidence (you know I don't believe in coincidences :-)), their fate turned in the "right direction" by flicking a magic wand. 

Wondering how this is possible? What happened in their lives? 

The answer is surprisingly simple. 

All these companions of mine have understood that Cancer do not want to kill them and escorted out of this world. They understood clearly, the truth hidden to them until then, that it was possible to reveal to them in its urgent way and shocking testimony their "wrong journey" that they were following in their lives. 

They understood everything and began to miraculously recover. 

They began to feel better, their Cancer symptoms disappeared, or in some they disappeared completely. 

And here I would like to stop for a while. 

Following the introductory headline of this article, I would like to explain how I see perhaps one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my past life. 

And that was Cancer in my 46s. 

I would like to shed light on the essence of what has already been said above.

And that is that carcinogenic cells are not foreign cells and not at all some intruders that need to be fought. 

It is our cells that have forgotten, just like us, their divine nature. 

Why they're here. 

And they have incomprehensibly changed their content, shape and mission. And that is to take care of the Whole. 

They began to consume more energy, which they otherwise steal from other cells. 

In addition, they sow this (dis)ease of our Body and Soul into other parts of the Body (metastasis) and thus deprive the body of additional strength and energy. 

And the organism (body) withers until, unfortunately, it usually enters a phase we call Death. 

And it does not change the fact that no (pseudo) therapies such as various chemotherapies, radiotherapies and, for more gentle therapies disguised as our other body, devastating therapies, which allopathic medicine calls variously, such as Biological therapy, etc., will not help us in the long run at all. 

And we can disguise it as various studies of the success of this treatment as we wish. 

It will still be just a poison that has nothing to do in our body and does not benefit anything in principle. 

The problem, however, is that the ubiquitous propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry focused on money and only treatment is (seems) omnipotent. 

However, it is omnipotent only to the extent that we devote our energy to them. 

 If we stop devoting our energy to it and focus on our inner Self, we will find that we have our health only in our hands and not in the hands of any doctors. 

And not drugs at all or other health-threatening chemical cocktails as f.e different so-called vaccines. 

As I experienced it on "my own skin", so did I in my process of Spontaneous recovery from recurrent Cancer in its terminal phase. 

The question is, why we don't notice this "little thing"? At best, it's almost too late? 

Look for the essence of this answer in the biology of our body.

How our healthy cells respond to their carcinogenic counterparts. 

Those healthy cells of our body are not at all aware of the carcinogenic nature of their colleagues and quietly continue to "serve" them. 

And that is the essence of our present days. 

A normal honest person in the grasp of contemporary materialistic life with chains of various mortgages and loans tied around his body, with constant propaganda, which he hears every minute from TV, radio and social networks, is not aware of this toxicity of these so-called leaders and "superhumans". 

And they continue to enslave us. 

And in their puffiness and stupidity, the merry sows an atmosphere of fear and manipulates us into the positions of obedient sheep. 

When it kills them, just as cancer cells kill their host's body. 

The parallel is threatening, and it is all the more threatening because almost no one is aware of it. 

And so I have no choice but to turn to the spiritual wise men of our ancestors, where one of the wise men says "As above so below, as within so without".  

Seek the meaning of these words in your heart for yourself. 

And what to read from it all? 

Our current so-called Western "advanced" society is imbued with bloated materialism and boundless egoism. 

It is spiritually emptied, both in our elites and in many of us, ordinary people. 

Selfishness, extravagance, benevolence and pride prevailed in our society. 

These and other destructive properties are even set as a model and built on the pedestal of our new generation. 

Then we can't be surprised that our children can't lift their heads from the tablets, looking at the imaginary heroes detached from reality, and we and their parents have one thing in our heads. 

And this is how to break free from the shackles of all the "hellish" loans and our obligations that we have "chopped off" in our deep unconscious. 

And so we must obediently continue to serve our modern-day slaver beeing blind and intoxicated by their power over us. 

And that's exactly what the carcinogenic cells and the whole haunting disease we call cancer are. Cancer-producing cells are so selfish and stupid that they would rather kill the whole organism for their own benefit than think about their self-destructive (constructive to the eye and logically the right for them) way. 

Or there is a second unpopular variant.

Just realize that "Who a man sows he also reaps" and that "We should not do to others what we do not want others to do to us." Then we will understand that we are part of an incredible Whole, which is fair to all of us, and that in fact we already have everything in our lives that we would actually like to have for a happy and fulfilled life. 

We realize that the most important thing is the love of our beloved ones. 

Like our love for ourselves (let's not confuse it with selfishness) and for all our companions. 

We realize that our loved ones are nothing but a reflection of ourselves in this sometimes hidden reality, and that is a satisfied and fulfilled Life. 

We will slowly but surely understand who we are and what our task in this incarnation is. And after this eye-opening insight, we will start working intensively on ourselves, so that we are beneficial not only for ourselves, but especially for our entire community. 

Making people happy and helping others has become a daily mission of my new life. 

I want you to see the eyes of a person who has found that he does not have to die of a disease called Cancer. Although the famous professors literally told him the most. 

I wish you to see the spark in the eyes of the woman who said these to themselves and into their idealogy of the elite looking that they must remove the most beloved from her Body, otherwise that she may die.  

They don't have to, we usually have time. 

We have plenty of time to think about our self-destructive way of life. 

Start thinking about how to finally live and not die. 

Moreover, there is no such thing as Death. 

It's just leaving where we came from, where we'll all end up together once. 

We will not take our Ferrari´s or ten flats there. 

But what will bother us is, for example, our divorced marriage, our children who do not know where they belong and our torn relationships with parents, grandparents and friends. 

All this only for our temporary blindness and greed of our false Self. 

Until we wake up. 

Before we wake up from the hypnotic state of our false Self and mind-filled minds. 

Where we are a horse and that pulsating Mind is a rider sitting in the saddle on us and directing our Lives. 

Our life rushing to the Carom. 

Or not...? 

What do you think...?

Dear Friends, Readers, Your New Journey Seekers, 

We drove like that horse against the wall. The impact will be hard. 

We don't need it , just wake up.  

And that's what I wish for all of us in the New Year 2021! 

I wish you and your loved ones good luck, love, humility and an understanding of the essence of life around us. 

Then everything seems to fit into itself. 

Thank you for your support and 

I'm looking forward to mutual moments together in the New Year 2021! 

Pavel | My Journey® 

Pavel and My Journey® wishes you good luck, health and love in The New Year 2021!