People leave our lifes as leaves fall from the trees in autumn. And a new ones comes to it. After all, how Mother Nature has arranged it since early age.


Have you ever experienced the strange and most intense feeling that part of your old Self is leaving your life?

The unobtrusive feeling when you know that some things will just never be the way they used to be.

I personally experienced this very intense sense of urgency two weeks ago.

That was when I received an SMS from my great friend's wife.

When I saw her number on my cell phone, the blood would not cut inside me.

She wrote me that my friend was no longer with us.

I will remember that moment full of all-consuming sadness for the rest of my life.

What hit me so much?

Although Robo hasn't been my best friend since childhood, he was the one I've had a lot of great moments in my business for the last 20 years.

At our meetings, trainings and joint events in several countries.

He was a nice Friend, a great Guy and a fair Partner.

A responsible manager of a large international corporation and a loving family father.

We've known each other for almost 20 years.

We spent a lot of pleasant moments together.

I knew his wife and daughter.

Both are currently engulfed in grief over the departure of their beloved husband and father.

Exposed to the all-encompassing fear of future moments, unfortunately without its basic fulcrum, what the right father of the family should be.

And why did it affect me so much?

It affected me not only because I will miss my friend in this space.

Most of all, however, because he left, and at the same time I am convinced that he could have been here with us for a considerable number of years.

Enjoy life with your beloved family.

And work patiently on your rediscovering your lost health.

As I was used to in his work.

The last part of my old Self left with him, connected with my past business and life settings.

And why isn't he here anymore?

Surely most of you will make it up.

I wrote about his story on some of my social networks, such as my Linked In profile. Through a short message in a space that is just a space for entrepreneurs, managers in order to share information and experience from the world (not only) of business.

It is the reason that frightens even the most stubborn characters and for a moment suspends even the largest egomaniacs intoxicated by business.

And that is why the disease, which current allopathic medicine classifies as incurable.


An illness that he allegedly does not choose.

A disease that most of the world considers incurable.

She, of course, can be incurable in certain words if only the procedures and common remedies of classical allopathic medicine are used.

And not the much-needed holistic approach - leading to the healing of Body and Soul.

Moreover, the truth about that incurability is only to the extent that you believe this information.

At the time of my cancer diagnosis, I believed her "like a sheep" too.

As we all believe in her, carefully "brought up" since our childhood.

Rather, they are invisibly indoctrinated by the paradigm of our over-technological and scientific-ideology-filled time.

At the time of my cancer diagnosis, it was pouring in on me from all sides.

Doctors, hospitals, i.e. preventive inspections, media, ...

There was no way out.

I went through the complete path of allopathic medicine.

The operation turned out great, for which I thank the entire team at ÚVN Hospital in city Prague.

Chemotherapy that I would never undergo again.

And then only the returned cancer, the verdict "You have 3 months left to live", a proposal for a new operation and a new terrible chemotherapy.

Until then, I was surrendered, but fighting.

Before I realized that everything was different.

I thanked classical medicine for what she did for me.

At my own request, I refused both another complex operation and drastic chemotherapy.

He took responsibility for my healing and took it 100% into my hands.

I had the never-ending support of my family.

Faith in your complete healing and perseverance to achieve yours.

I have, thank God, had many great people around me who helped guide me on My journey, for my complete healing.

I am very grateful to everyone for that.

And the finale of my endeavor?

I went through a complete 3-month cleansing - Detox of my Body and Soul.

And he ended it all with a Spontaneous remission from Cancer.

I feel great.

I eat and I live healthy.

I omitted sugar, gluten, processed and genetically modified foods from my diet.

I significantly reduced dairy products and alcohol, keeping only my favorite coffee.

I run 100-150 km per month.

I sleep an average of 7-8 hours a day, sometimes more sometimes less, as it just suits me.

I don't eat any medicine.

I have not been to the doctor for more than 2 years

And I admit voluntarily that I don't even plan to go to him.

I found a way out.

I understand the message that this cancer presents us with.

The message of cancer, which cannot be killed or escorted out of this world, is still carefully hidden from many of us.

In our often invisible way, we can tell us that it simply will not go on this journey through life any longer.

Her message is so simple.

And I tried to pass this message on to my friend.

He decided differently.

He chose the classic path of allopathic medicine.

Surgery, chemotherapy, complications and suffering.

I broke my promise not to call anyone myself.

We talked several times.

He was my Friend after all.

He always told me that they were working on it with the doctors, that everything would be OK.

He didn't listen to me.

His last message at the end of May, on May 30, 2020, was:

"Hi Pavel, ..... it's gotten pretty complicated, but I'm fighting".

So what does this sad story tell us?

The most sad story of a young man, father, son, uncle, friend.

He simply tells us that none of us can save a man against his will. Everyone must want. Each of us has our own way in this incarnation of ours. Everyone decides which way to go.

This story also tells us that the environment in which a person diagnosed with cancer lives is very important.

His focus on materialistic, or. spiritual life.

And I don't just mean "different kinds of religions".

This enviroment more or less determines the direction in which the affected person goes and to a large extent also determines his final destination.

Continuing what I call a "reborn" life or returning to where we all came from.

Some call it death.

I just call it going back to the environment I came from.

That's why I'm not afraid of Death.

My story of Spontaneous Remission from Cancer showed me that we doesn't have to die of cancer. That there is a way out. The path is not easy. It is a path full of hard work on oneself, both in the area of ​​purification and cleansing of the Body and Detox of our Soul.

It does not always lead a simple and pleasant way for us to catharsis, leading to a radical change in his personality and lifestyle.

Not everyone can imagine this change, not everyone will believe this path. And not everyone will persevere on this path.

It is a path from which no path leads back to the previous setting.

Let's not despair.

Everything always happens at the right time and everything is as it should be.

There are no coincidences in this universe.

Or as one wise man said,

Man receives only as much fruit from the tree of knowledge as he reaches. And that applies to us all - to me and to you.

Holistic but also allopathic medicine, which unfortunately still heals the body separately from our Soul.

The pain in my heart is gone.

My friend will be it, het will stay there forever.

Thanks to the fact that the last part of my old self left with him.

An old ego filled with and after a success longing for the Self, which could not go on.

And it collapsed in mid-2016 to the ground like a house of cards.

I'm grateful to the old wise lady - Cancer - for taking off my pink glasses.

For opening my blind eyes with my hypnosis of the materialistic world.

She saved my life.

We made a deal together.

I fulfilled my promisses to her and so did she.

I live a healthy, happy and, most importantly, full life.

With my great wife and two wonderful children.

And that's the most important...

And not to forget ...

Thanks Robo, Mercy Beaucoup Monsieur!

For everything.

I look forward to seeing you again.