My Journey® Testimonials 

What people say about My Journey® and some of the references 



"Good afternoon, thank you very much for the quick reply. You fully captured me in the video. I looked at you as a revelation. I pray every day to find a way and suddenly you are here. Thank you again."



"I met Pavel, who just a few minutes after our meeting set up a mirror for me, which was strict with me at that moment, but together with Pavel's story it gave me the faith and strength to turn everything in the right direction. It was immediately possible to observe positive changes in the energy, which gradually filled the body again."



"Dear Pavel, I am so grateful to have met you on my journey through life. Your site is filled with joy, hope, and a desire to illuminate darkness. I hope that your intention to help will be realized in full. Thanks a lot!".



"Hello, I need to share a positive message with you. After two years, the CT scan has not deteriorated since the last scan. Thank you very much!"

Dear Friends, thank you very much that you are showing us your Journey. Great examples how to get out so-called uncurrable (dis)eases.