[Save the Earth] A few years ago, I realized that our children are our greatest teachers.


It is unbelievable how our children perceive the so-called surrounding world, its needs and current problems to be solved. I think we should start learning from them.

"Save the Earth" by Melissa Victoria Vojtek

Save the Earth. 

Hello, my People, you are certainly surprised by this visit of mine, because I have never addressed any of you before, but now I am here and speaking to you. I would like to tell you something about my long suffering, which is caused by the pollution of my seas, lakes and rivers, the destruction of my forests, the felling of rainforests and, finally, the dumping of rubbish on my skin. Are you aware that you have seen someone or, sadly, thrown garbage on the ground yourself, or have you noticed that the ocean is not as transparent as it used to be? What do you think this will cause for me and ultimately for you? Positive or negative? How would you feel if someone threw garbage at you just because they were lazy to go to the nearest trash can? How would you feel in my place? I am very saddened by this behavior on your part. I gave you water, food, home and fertile land and this is your gratitude? Please do everything you can to correct this mistake, my people! 

It's not too late. Live happily and fulfill my request.

Your Mother Earth

Melissa Victoria Vojtek

I am proud of my great daughter Melissa, she is an incredible part of my Being, just as I am inseparable part of her inner World

Her birth was the greatest life boost in my life and a gift for me almost 13 years ago, for which I will never be grateful enough to our Mother Earth.

Just as my wife Svetlana was an irreplaceable support for me in the process of my Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer couple years ago, my daughter Melissa V. turned my ego and performance-oriented life upside down by her birth.

I'm very happy in the right direction.

We spend incredible moments together since her birth, most of which she still remembers from the time when she was a baby (incomprehensibly to many of us).

My two children are the greatest fulfillment of my life.

And they know and feel that I will be their support whenever they need it.

Just as my daughter put it in one of her sketches, I will "hold her (their) world together."

Nothing can make parents as well as me as father be more happy than the beautiful and fulfilled relationship he has with his children.

That he can be their support and an irreplaceable Guide. 

That he (me) can draw from them their (still) undistorted vision of the world around them.

I am convinced that our children chose us as their parents before their birth.

And from my peaceful Soul I feel that they are the greatest gift, but also our great responsibility in our life on Earth.

I am and will be for this opportunity to lead them through their lives, which I have always been grateful for.

And I believe and hope that this is how you feel.

Pavel Vojtek | Happy Dad and loving Husband