[New article on the Blog] I am 5 years CANCER-FREE or how Gratitude, Perseverance, my Family and Faith saved my Life!


My intimate confession. 

Confession of a Cancer survivor, supplemented by few valuable advice and insights for those of you diagnosed with Cancer or another so-called incurable disease. 

Yes, it's really been 5 years. 

Since the first diagnosis of CANCER in mid-2016. 

From a day I will always remember as "The day when my life and my family affairs changed."

 The day that began so normally and ended with anesthesia in the operating room and my surgery, during which ÚVN Hospital specialists removed my first tumor.

And which was ultimately the only bright day on My journey to my Spontaneous recovery from Cancer. 

Before I understood the causes of my Cancer diagnosis and made a fair deal with it.

 Everything gradually came to me, as I say "universe mail", through my Out-of-the-Body experiences (I describe my strongest OBE experience in episode 3 of the Podcast My Journey®). 

When I was standing on the back terrace of our house, I understood everything. 

And I have started working hard on myself. 

Everything I learned in the process of my Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer, I was embedded in the My Journey® Protocol

And for those of you who are interested in it, it clearly described with a lot of advices and recommendations in the online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH®. 

I'm also talking about these 5 points of the My Journey Protocol that led to my recovery from Cancer in episode No.5 of the My Journey® Podcast.

Everything is simply described in a new article on my My Journey® Blog. 

Through a simple confession, supplemented by some advice and for some perhaps difficult to understand insights, I outline the way out of this mess, which is called the diagnosis of Cancer or other chronic or autoimmune disease, out.  

It's not an easy way. 

It's a journey full of renunciation, hard work and sweaty T-shirts. 

On the other hand, it is an incredible journey full of knowledge, self-awareness and making new friends. A path that will lead you to the healing of your body and soul.

 And embark fearlessly on the path of your Healing! 

If you need a "staple on your way up the rocks", contact me here

I wish you good health and look forward to meeting you!  

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor 

Author of the My Journey® Protocol and the MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH® online course

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