[New article on the Blog] Towards a parallel society or is it not the right time to create it?


Are you tired of the daily manipulation, censorship and mob psychosis that has somehow permeated our entire Euro-Atlantic society?

Maybe it's time to create a functional alternative, as we've seen many times in the past. 

Are you tired of the pressure that is being exerted on us at every step?

Are you for health and a healthy lifestyle, without censorship and any pressure?

And it doesn't matter if it's in the field of healthcare, personal life or business?

Do you like life, people, animals and our whole planet?

In my new article on the Blog, I think about the possibility (rather a necessity) of creating a new alternative environment.

I called it an Parallel Society. 

A company of proud people who love freedom above all else.

Both the freedom of speech, which has been scarce lately, and the freedom of the person.

It is for those of us who no longer enjoy listening to a senseless and, above all, illegal regulation into the power of amorous psychopaths from the bent backs under the daily dictates of stupid tyrants.

In fact, this parallel society is already emerging all over the world

These free people associate on free communication platforms (eg Telegram), free social networks (eg MeWe), blogging and tweet networks (eg GAB), free search engines (eg DuckDuckGo) or free video platforms (Brighteon, Bitchute, etc. .)

There are tens of millions of single people who have had enough.

Exactly as Eric Clapton, for example, sings in the song "This had gotta stop".

If you are interested in the non-traditional opinion of a free person who loves freedom, who does not wear face masks and is not tested.

And who has other more important things to do than join the ranks of "guinea pigs" who voluntarily participate in unapproved and untested gene therapy.

Then this new article on the Blog is my way for you!

I wish you a calm mind and an open heart in every decision you make!

Pavel Vojtek

Holistic Cancer Survivor and Health Evangelist