[Happy Fathers Day!] All the BEST to all Fathers, Dad, Daddies of all skin Colors, on all Continents!


Without the right, dedicated and just Fathers, the foundation of all societies could not function. 

And that is a well-functioning Family.  

Being support for beloved wife and great children is the true destiny of the right Father. 

The right father should always be the head of the family. 

And his beautiful and "divine part" in this wonderful cosmic game - a loving wife, should be the neck, carefully and vigilantly monitoring the space around the family fireplace. 

The right father should look far with his spear and ensure the survival of his healthy family roots. 

That is his main role. 

Even more important is his role in this very tense and extreme time, full of thoughtful attacks on the health of us all. 

An inseparable part of a right and wise father, his loving wife should take care of the family fireplace so that it is always the right atmosphere. 

An atmosphere of peace, love and understanding. 

The Family is the only basis of a well-functioning society. 

Built on ethics, solidarity and friendships. 

I wish to all Fathers to play their basic role, and that is to keep their family together at all times, regardless of the various challenges that what we call life presents. 

I wish all fathers wisdom, perseverance, and inexhaustible health; 

to bring this task to a successful conclusion. 

Happy Fathers Day!