[My Journey Podcast] And it's out! After almost a year of thinking and preparing my own Podcast!


About health, (dis)eases of our body and Soul and especially about our personal Development, currently full of everyday challenges. 

It's kind of "fashionable" lately to have your Podcast. 

I've been thinking about him since the beginning of last vacation season. 

But somehow I felt it wasn't the right time. 

What convinced me to finally launch it? 

It's quite simple. 

As I mention in my video and audio sessions and a lot of articles on my Blog, it's a kind of very special feeling. 

With just a word, the difficult to explain feeling of information from the space around us, which, as I tell me from my most significant out-of-the-body experience (in 11/2017, which will be about Episode No. 03), comes to me by the so-called universe mail.

 Important information that should be made available to the public, such as the possibility of Spontaneous recovery from Cancer and other incurable diseases. 

An opportunity that is there for each of us. 

Who will this Podcast My Journey be for? 

It is definitely for all of us who want to work on ourselves every day. 

Work on your physical and mental Health. 

And it is necessary to recover from various chronic, but also from the so-called incurable diseases. 

For me, it was cancer (in 2016) and this unique experience has polina as an invisible thread in almost every single episode of this Podcast.

And what will be the format of this Podcast? 

I will definitely start with a solo format. 

And gradually I will supplement it with interviews with various interesting personalities (not only) from the field of healthy diet, various types (even the so-called alternative) treatment and, for example, personal development. 

So much important personal development of each of us, needed in this fear, anxiety and various kinds of "uncertainties" filled with time. 

What will be the frequency of these Podcasts? 

I'll see, time will tell. 

I tentatively think of one episode every week. 

And always on an interesting topic in the field of health and recovery from various types of chronic or so-called incurable diseases, of course with a focus on Cancer. 

I believe that my My Journey Podcast will enrich you with interesting information that is usually hidden from the average listener or even (and this is currently very common) carefully censored. 

And one really big apology in the end this My Journey Podcast article.

My Journey Podcast is in the beginning just im my orriginal language, which is my lovely Czech.

Let me know if you are interesting to have such a podcast in english language as well. I will do my very best (even I am not perfect english speaker) prepare it!

Thanx for understanding and I look forward to meeting you! 

Pavel Vojtek, Host of the My Journey Podcast 


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