[New Blog Article] Is the Cov1d-19 Vaccine the Humanity's Largest IQ Test in the 21st Century?


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? This is probably the most frequent question and perhaps the biggest dilemma of these days. 

Every day, millions of people around the world are asking this important question, which "has the value of life".  

I admit that I don't shy away from this question either, on the contrary, it follows me (almost) at every step. 

A lot of people, friends, as well as health seekers, ask me for my personal opinion, so I decided to comment on this topic in a new article on the My Journey® blog. 

I am very fortunate that the eye-opening episode in my life (my Spontaneous Healing from Cancer) and the associated Out-of-the-Body experiences have answered this key question in the life of each of everyone of us. 

Without a doubt.

I trust my Body and the greatest protector of our lives connected to it, and that is our Immune system.

 I am convinced that our properly functioning immune system and our innate immunity will cope with worse diseases of our body than some strange and in many cases with its conspicuously inflated narrative still tumbled so-called Cov1d-19. 

I'm fully convinced of that. 

That is why I openly reflect on this thorny topic and respectfully write about "The Greatest IQ-Test of Our Civilization", in this tense and great changes of the 21st century. 

Will we succeed in it? We'll see. 

More about my opinion on what is happening around us and my personal view of the so-called vaccination in my new article on the Blog My Journey® here! 

I wish you a pleasant reading and, above all, the right decision in a time full of unnecessary fear, manipulation and censorship 

Pavel and My Journey®

Don't underestimate one of the most important decisions of your Life. Look for information, be interested as "Whoever knocks a door, it is always open for him".