[Online chat] Are you interested in something on the educational pages Moje cesta®? Take advantage of my new online "life chat"!


Are you browsing the pages My journey® and would you like to ask something? The new online chat is here for you!

I use the "Life chat" service on some websites when I'm just interested in something. Complementary information that are flying in my head. 

And that's why I launched the "Life chat" service for visitors to the My Journey® (Moje cesta®) website and also registered members.

I know that there are many so-called incredible things on the My Journey® website for many of you.

Such as the possibility of recovery from Cancer. With no drugs and no doctors.

With common sense and the constant propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry, we have long been indoctrinated into the "position of the victim".

Helpless and desperate victim who can't handle anything on her own.

Do you have a headache? Take the pill.

Does your throat hurt? Go to the doctor and he'll prescribe antibiotics.

Do you have problems with allergies? Only the hospital and the doctor will help you.

These are all dogmas implemented under our skin about our incompetence and omnipotence of allopathic medicine and the farmaceutical industry.

This has not been true for a long time.

And by the way, did you know that you don't have to go to the doctor at all for most of the diseases described above?

This is called a holistic method of Healing.

And its higher level - the possibility of our self-healing from any diseases. Starting with the flu, sore throat, allergies, etc., and ending with Cancer and other so-called incurable (diabetes, MS, ...) and various other chronic diseases.

Just like I recovered from cancer. Holistically, without drugs and without doctors.

[More info about my recovery from Cancer, eg in the attached video (with english subtitles) here]

That's why I founded the educational website My Journey® and now added "life chat" to it

So that all healthy seekers (patients from the point of view of allopathic medicine) have access to all available information and start thinking about it themselves 

And so "life chat" could be another way to invite you to a life full of health and daily healing of our body, but also the Soul.

It's nothing complicated. Just click on the blue bubble in the lower right corner of the My Journey® educational website. And if there is a green glowing dot on it (that means I'm online), we can start communicating (chatting). This chat option is suitable if you are interested in something on a given topic or you want to ask another question.


I apologize in advance that if I'm not online (ie the green dot on the chatting blue bubble does not light up), it means that I am probably on a walk with children and my wife in nature, writing something on the My Way Blog, shooting a new episode of the My Journey Podcast, I am working on the new free video platform MOJECESTA.TV (under preparation) or I am preparing a new online course or coaching program for you at my My Journey online school®.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to chatting together. 

So if you are in the mood to ask something or are interested in something, write me on the chat My Journey®.

However, you know how, just click on the blue bubble at the bottom right of the My Journey® website :-)

I look forward to communicating with you!

Pavel Vojtek | Holistic Cancer Survivor

Founder of the educational website and online school My Journey®