[Blog] New article on the Blog My Journey® - "And we have a new mutation or how a man who is consuming, scared and obedient lost his happiness"


For many people, the current situation is becoming unbearable. Their health, both physical and mental, collapses. Is there a way out of this madhouse? 

Of course there is. 

But I just wonder how long we'll last before the charade around us clicks. Until everyone goes crazy for good. 

And under the constant and very well-organized psychological pressure of individuals with psychopathic tendencies, they finally understand that "Everything is just different." 

Before they get a chemical cocktail of worries, stress, drugs, alcohol and various self-saving preparations (we call them vaccines) they really get "under the skin". 

The title of my article is - And we have a new mutation ... 

What or who did I mean? 

Please think about it. Before it's too late. 

I wish you a beautiful, undisturbed reading! 

Pavel and My Journey®