[Blog] New article on the My Journey® Blog - Why we can't breathe freely and why we (un) consciously destroy our health and terrorize those who want to so-called "infect us"


The crowd psychosis of people paralyzed by fear reaches a new level of self-destruction. 

We unknowingly destroy our health and terrorize those who want to breathe freely.

 And yet everything is so simple. 

All you have to do is stop listening to those nonsensical spreaders of fear and anxiety. Restrict social networking and turn off or minimize TV viewing. 

Why? Because it is harmful to health! 

Both physical and mental. 

Otherwise, we would never put a respirator (or 2-3 surgical face masks) on our mouths on our own, because we would know that it is harmful to health after wearing it for several hours. 

We would never terrorize our fellow citizens who want to breathe freely just because when I have to wear it, you have to wear it too. If I fail, neither can You! 

And we would never break the character of pure Souls - our children by senselessly testing and wearing those ridiculous cloths that harm their health and the proper development of their body and Soul. 

We sink to the full spiritual bottom. 

The level of consciousness of a biological animal, which only has to eat, sleep, have fun and ... 

But there is another way. 

Turn your attention inward. 

To our true Self, connect to our hearts. 

Then we will look at this whole funny Coronavirus madhouse from a different perspective. 

I keep my fingers crossed for us all! 

Pavel and My Journey®