My first 5 kilometres



I first met Tomas about first half of 2019 ago. 

His good friend, banker Honza, called me at the time to see if we could call Tomáš. 

That's what happened, and at the end of our joint half-hour conversation, we arranged a meeting in a quiet cafe in Prague - Kunratice. 

And so I sit there, enjoying my favorite cappuccino and seeing a skinny figure on crutches approaching me. 

The close-up view was even scarier. Faded, gray-filled, sunken cheeks. A body without energy and without a spirit. 

So Tom and I sat down and after 10 minutes I understood that this brave guy would do it. Tomas is an incredible warrior and a sympathizer who could be a role model for everyone to whom doctors have diagnosed a health-limiting, incurable disease. 

I'm glad I met him. 

We have learned a lot together and we continue to learn. 

Read his story below and get inspired by it ... 

Yours, Pavel

The first 5 kilometers. 

Today I look at the events of the last year and a half with a greater distance. 

However, the verdict I heard last September was a huge shock to me. 

Since then, a lot has changed in my inner world, but also in my outer world, especially in the good world. 

All my life, less than four decades, I have been an active athlete. I was so used to playing sports often with pain. 

However, this has lasted for almost three quarters of a year, and on the strong recommendation of my surroundings, it took me to the orthopedic surgery of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Motol. This visit accelerated the turn of events in my life. MR, biopsy, other examinations. 

Happiness in misfortune or misfortune leading to happiness? 

Giant-cell tumor of Tibia Proxima. 

A benign tumor in which bone-dissolving osteoclasts interact with other cells and gradually eat the bone from within. 

It is said that winning the lottery is statistically more likely. One in five million. 

What about that and what then? 

From an orthopedic point of view, everything is solvable, words that calmed me down, at least for a while. Along with the essential - the first occurrence is a benign form. 

Yeah, but forget about sports altogether. 

It doesn't sound so dramatic when I read the lines above one after the other. 

But five years ago, my mother died of cancer at the age of 64. She fought incredibly well and was determined to break it. And then in March, it almost broke me.

I was going through a crisis at work, after many years of building it stopped doing well and I went through the first burnout. 

Like stepping into the dark. 

I have always considered all such crises, both at work and in my personal life, to be defeats. Losses that were reflected in my personality and also in my health. 

According to doctors, the cause of this disease is unknown. 

When I add up my "losses", I think the cause is not one, but a set of gradually accumulating "losses". The misfortune that led me to happiness. 

I met Pavel, who just a few minutes after our meeting set up a mirror for me, which was strict with me at that moment, but together with Pavel's story it gave me the faith and strength to turn everything in the right direction. 

Going for cleansing in the form of food was not a problem and it went right away. 

It was also immediately possible to observe positive changes in the energy, which gradually filled the body again. 

It was harder with my head. 

Even after a year and a half, I still can't say that she was cleaned. 

But many of the "losses" were settled and I came to reconciliation. 

But it was and still is important for me, because this philosophy of life does not always succeed: "the crisis is not a loss, but an opportunity and a challenge". 

A challenge that needs to be enjoyed, because you are going through something new that fills your soul with new experiences and strengthens it at the expense of your ego. I was lucky. 

To get my leg fixed, I fell into the hands of Dr. Schovanec. 

Can this ingenious tool still be called hands? Unfortunately, my dictionary does not know a better example. The doctor removed the diseased part of the leg, including the cartilage, which had already been affected, and filled the space with a graft from the donor, again including the donor's cartilage. I admire the dexterity and knowledge and the direct human approach that the doctor approached in my case. 

In such cases, one always realizes who has a benefit for the rest of us. And what patterns we should be inspired by. The operation took place at the end of August. 

I was always in contact with Pavel, who gave me positive energy and motivation to get up, go, go up the stairs, ride a bike, run. 

I got on the bike 3 months after the operation, he slipped on cross-country skis for the first time at the end of December. 

That feeling, indescribable. 

The discussion with the doctor is full of different energy and mood when you bid, which sport does and which you prefer not to. 

Running is therefore one of the forbidden ones, as it would speed up osteoarthritis and the subsequent replacement of the knee joint by around fifty. 

I have to stop here and apologize to the doctor, but I can't help it, it's stronger than me: "I ran my first five kilometers today"! 

I am thus fully preparing again after a one-year break at JIZERSKÁ SKI 50 2021. 

Best Regards