Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Friends and Health Seekers, 

 After countless and very stimulating conversations with you, I have decided to include another section on the My Journey website, namely the section - "Frequently Asked Questions". 

I believe that the questions and answers below will shed light on the individual phases of My Journey and further clarify your inner questions.

Which accumulate in your mostly mind-filled and worried mind. 

Are you asking me how I did it? Was it difficult? 

You are right, it was and is very difficult.

In this materialism and egoism-saturated time, to find the right answers to such trivial questions as:

Is Cancer an incurable disease? 

I say here without hesitation, it is not

Or other similar questions like:

Can I recover from Cancer myself?

And here I say unequivocally that of course yes

To some, my views may seem too radical, unscientific, and perhaps common sense.

And incomprehensible in the current paradigm of our over-technological and spiritually emptied times. If so, that's right.

For both those who believe and those who don't. 

Let everyone choose from my personal story and my path. 

After all, these are just the personal opinions of an ordinary 51-year-old man who was "reborn", healed from an incurable disease - terminal cancer and feels great. 

All this thanks to a rediscovered humility, endless faith in healing, the necessary self-awareness, understanding the essence of life and the belief that everything is as it should be. 

As most of you already know, I do not force anything on anyone, I do not claim any dogmas, I do not call or write to anyone myself. 

I have no advertising, I do not sell any products and I am not a member of any association, political party or other marketing club. 

I only humbly tell my story of recovery from Cancer

Dear Fiends, Health Seekers, 

I keep my fingers crossed for you all and I firmly believe that My Journey will open up carefully hidden information to you so far, support your undiscovered abilities.

And most importantly - you will find your own power of self-healing, which we each have deeply hidden in ourselves from birth. 

As I found her and with me a lot of health seekers (more on Stories of My Journey). 

We will gradually add all interesting questions and sometimes not always easy to understand answers to the Frequently Asked Questions section, as our lives will gradually bring them to us ... 

To access the individual answers, please register in the section for Registered Users 

Thank you and fingers crossed!

Truly Yours, Pavel

Frequently Asked Question