Why do you think your Cancer has returned? Why did she return after a year and not later?


The cancer came back to me because I did not understand its inner message, its meaning and its main mission. 

I didn't understand that cancer is an envelope with a black stripe that tells us 

A man, please stop and rethink your life. 

Cancer is not about slowing down, but about radical change. 

Radical change of life, its detailed and thorough analysis. 

Cancer, as I had it diagnosed - cancer in the final phase is also a complete and mostly irreversible catharsis of a person.

The patient should be prepared for it from the beginning. 

Cancer is clearly about cleansing and healing not only the body but also the Soul. 

The cancer came back to me a year later and not later because I had not made the radical change I had to make in my life. 

Now I know, thank God for that. I just slid on the surface and didn't go deep. 

And all (non) powerful mean sick should realize that ...