You mention the My Journey Protocol on your site. Could I ask what this is about?


The My Journey Protocol is an extraction of all the main points and healing methods needed to heal you from cancer. 

I followed it carefully in the process of healing from my Cancer. 

For all of you, I put them in a simple therapy package called My Journey Protocol. 

It is a collection of all procedures and therapies concentrated in one powerful tool, which together with your will, perseverance and faith in your healing will trigger the self-healing processes of your body. 

It consists of 5 consecutive sections: 

  • Cleansing - Detox of your Body 
  • Detox of your Soul 
  • Regular exercise
  • Quality sleep and relax
  • Put everything into everyday life 

Together, these 5 circuits will lead your Body and Soul to heal from any so-called (incurable) disease. 

However, if you want. 

And you will follow the My Journey Protocol step by step. 

If I don't reveal much, everything will be carefully described in the upcoming online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH®. 

Coming soon ...