What played a key role in your decision to heal yourself and not undergo further surgery and chemotherapy?


The unwavering support of my wife and an absolutely key moment in my life.

The basic driving force for my decision was my family, children and my great wife Svetlana. 

Without it, I would most likely not have undergone a successful healing on my own, as I did in my case of Spontaneous Remission. 

The key and, as I like to say with great humility, quantum momentum was my first out-of-body experience (OBE - Out of the Body Experience), which I experienced in mid-November 2017. 

It was an incredible experience that I write about on my Blog - We are more than our body or the basic key to our recovery from incurable diseases, in an article that I recommend you all read. 

Until then, I believed that I would recover and be healthy. 

After this incredible experience, I knew it all. 

And he didn't doubt it. 

There is a huge difference between faith and knowledge. 

My whole life has changed since then. 

I look different, I think differently, I'm a different person. 

I started with the Detox of my tired and impoverished body. 

I understood that healing my body (as claimed by the medical community, and let's not blame them) was not enough, and he immediately began to purify my troubled Soul. 

They began to come to me, as I gladly humbly call "space mail" various interesting information. 

And they keep coming. 

They come in the appropriate quantities I request. 

And I am very grateful for them. 

I accept them with humility and I pass them on to you ...