Which book would you recommend to health seekers after being diagnosed with Cancer? Which author helped you the most in the first difficult moments after finding out this diagnosis?


My favorite authors and various healers played a significant role in the first phase of the recovery process after a cancer diagnosis. 

In general, books were one of the cornerstones of my healing. 

And after all, they are still my inexhaustible source of knowledge. 

After being diagnosed with cancer, I had an incredible desire to absorb various information, both from the material world (doctors and classical medicine) and from the spiritual world (various authors, healers, therapists, Zen masters, ...). 

I was open to all possibilities. 

I just left the universe, life, or whatever you call it, to put information and meetings in my way that could help me. 

And so it happened in the case of two authors that I would recommend to you. 

They are my heart Dr. Vladimir Sinelnikov and Dr. Carl Simonton (more on Favorite Authors). 

The books I would like to recommend to you clink to me as a "nut for Cinderella in Vinck's arms" and have become for me unforgettable companions on my journey to spontaneous recovery from cancer: 

a) Dr. Carl Simonton - Getting Well Again

Return to health is a basic book that a person should read after being diagnosed with cancer. He will gain an invaluable, more than 45-year-old view of a brave, then persecuted American radiologist on what cancer is and the basic approaches to its treatment. 

b) Dr. Volodya Sinelnikov - Agreement with Disease I. and Agreement with Disease II.

I noticed a real warm feeling in the heart and a glimpse of a new path to healing in both books by the author, who is a great and respected psychotherapist of holistic medicine and a homeopath. 

First, start with the Disease Agreement I., let it all go through your heart, and then get into two. 

Both great books will broaden your view of what we call life and the world around us. I like to humbly say that these books found me. 

And I would like to recommend that to you as well. Wander around the bookstore and just look at the shelves. 

Sit down, close your eyes, breathe and have a coffee, for example. 

Like I do until now. 

The right books will find you at the right time. 

I'm convinced of that.