Was only a Body Detox for a complete cure for Cancer? Or was it absolutely necessary and necessary to supplement what you call Detox of Soul?


In my case and my condition of diagnosed Cancer, as well as in many other cases of incurable diseases, I am afraid that only Detox of the Body is few. 

I am convinced that the key to complete recovery from an incurable disease such as cancer, doctors call it remission, is the need to work together hand in hand. 

Purification - Body Detox and Soul Purification. 

Body cleansing is the cornerstone of the self-healing process. 

With the departure of all the toxins accumulated from my body over the years (caused by poor and toxic diets, excessive alcohol consumption and health-threatening drugs), my mind became very clear. 

And through the Detox of the Soul, one opens up to new information, possibilities and a new vision of the world and oneself, cleanses one's "old skeletons in a closet", forgives everything to oneself, others, and asks others for forgiveness. 

If everything is really and from the heart, the physical condition improves very quickly, sometimes temporarily leading through a possible "deterioration", which is nothing more than a signal that the body is beginning to fight disease. 

As was the case with my spontaneous cancer recovery. 

And after 6 months of hard work on myself, I didn't see or hear about the disease. Everything fit together like a puzzle. 

And so it will be with you. If you want ...