How did you manage the first tumor surgery and subsequent chemotherapy? Where did they operate on you and where did you have chemotherapy?


Thanks to the doctors at the Central Hospital in Prague, I managed the operation very well. 

The fact that they would operate on me the same day was quite a shock for me at first, but then I acknowledged it very much. 

Everything went quickly, professionally, the convalescence was great, as was the whole team of ÚVN Hospital in Prague. 

It was worse with chemotherapy at Thomajer Hospital. 

Physically, everything went smoothly, no physical "consequences". 

However, it was not easy mentally and mentally. 

In the six months after the operation, I remembered little, "I thought it slowly" and clearly, following chemotherapy, I made a lot of wrong decisions, based on which some of my companies collapsed. 

That is why and not only because I decided not to undergo any further chemotherapy. 

And I did well.