[Restricted on YouT*be] and how someone who helps people recover from Cancer and other incurable diseases got the label "Restricted"


It sounds like a contradiction in our "world of Freedom", but (unfortunately) it is so.

Everyday censorship is slowly but surely getting under our skin, as is the pervasive manipulation around us. 

It was one beautiful morning like any other. 

I woke up (I think it was yesterday :-) and I peeked at the email, as I usually do, and there was one email from an unnamed video platform. 

And that some My Journey® videos allegedly violate the strict rules of this video platform. With the information that they will not delete them for me immediately, but that they will greatly limit their reach, ie that they will not be visible to the unregistered, watching under the age of 18, etc. 

They included My Journey® among the interesting content. 

Videos endangering human safety, harmful and dangerous activities incl. the presence of regulated substances and drugs, nudity and sexually implicit content, violent and explicit content (unfortunately I don't even understand that) and vulgar language.

 Many of you have probably already encountered this, but for those who have not yet, I would explain it briefly. 

Those who want to see some of these videos (such as the video below) will see such a "beautiful screen :-)".

I don't know what this My Journey® video deserved, maybe you can advise me. 

And give me your advice and your opinion on what you think this video violates as stated: 

 "We wanted to let you know that our team has reviewed your content and we don't think it's in line with our Community Guidelines. As a result, we've age-restricted the following content"

We are very lucky that there are still alternative platforms on which health seekers can watch these videos with the label "Restricted on ...". 

Video platforms (such as Rumble, BitCHUTE, or others) that support Free Speach and our expression.  

 Thank you in advance for all your reactions

 and I look forward to your reactions here or below in the comments. 

I think it's important to think about what's going on around us these days. 

Finally, express your opinion. 

How? I leave that to each of you. 

Pavel and My Journey®