[Quest for The Cures - Final Chapter] A new 9-day docuseries from the authors of the legendary The Truth About Cancer® is here!


The creators of the legendary docuserie The Truth About Cancer® are launching the world premiere of a new 9-day documentary series about Cancer! Online already 21.4.2021.

150 doctors, scientists and Cancer survivors from 25 countries come together to end the fight against Cancer. 

I rarely recommend an external documentary series on the My Journey® website. 

In this case, as one of the "Holistic Cancer Survivors", I would like to make an exception. 

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are very sympathetic to me and I follow their activities in the field of "fighting Cancer" with interest. 

I also read with interest their book "The Truth About Cancer" and saw their past docuseries, which were seen by millions of viewers. 

I agree very much with them in many things and therefore: 

I would like to invite you all to the premiere of the documentary series - Quest for The Cures [Final Quest].

Charlene & Ty Bollinger are founders of The Truth About Cancer®. 

After losing several family members to Cancer (including Ty's mother and father), they refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for Cancer patients.

They began a quest to learn all they possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry. 

What they uncovered was shocking. 

There is ample evidence to support the allegation that the "War on Cancer" is largely a fraud and that multinational pharmaceutical companies are "running the show."

Quest For The Cures [FINAL CHAPTER] is their latest endeavour in an effort uncover the truth and spare millions of fathers... mothers... sons... and daughters from ever enduring the heavy loss of a loved one to Cancer.

I myself experienced a Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer. 

I went through all possible classic medical "therapies", incl. surgery, lots of PET, CT scans and finally chemotherapy. 

It didn't lead to anything.

And that's also why I look at the opinion of classical medicine regarding the so-called treatment (rather non-treatment) of Cancer with a great distance. 

People do not have to die of Cancer. 

And if you want to know more about this game with us all, be sure to watch the introductory video and register for the free 9-day Quest for The Cures docuserie [Final Chapter] here for free! 

I promise you a captivating experience and information that you will certainly not learn from the mainstream media and from your attending physician. 

Starting online on 21.4.2021!

I wish you an undisturbed experience. 

Pavel | Holistic Cancer Survivor