Please list the 10 main and key areas that led to your Spontaneous remission from Cancer?


It cannot be said that the main areas would be 10 or less or more and which are the most important. 

Everything is invisibly connected to everything. 

But let's try to write them in order, in my experience from the most important: 

1. Want to live and have a goal in your life 

2. Willingness and will to find the cause of their illness 

3. Full acceptance of one's illness, the condition one finds in, and accepting full responsibility for one's illness 

4. Perseverance and humility in the process of your self-healing 

5. Support for loved ones - mainly wives, children and families 

6. Cleansing - Body Detox 

7. Purification - Soul Detox 8. 

Plenty of movement - running, cycling, walking, rollerblading, ... 

9. Plenty of sleep 1

0. Proper relaxation - yoga, meditation, awareness, prayers .. 

And no less important in the end, just listen to your heart, which is the gateway to our Soul. 

Let our intuition, our sixth sense, resound. 

Don't drown in your own thoughts and don't let them control you. 

Of course, for each person, the setting of the process of self-healing is individual. 

The basic points mentioned above (1-10) apply universally, according to my life experience to all of us. 

To leave this world, from this incarnation of ours, we must give our consent. 

Until then, we will all try, in good and bad, to understand the meaning of our lives. 

Before we understand that we alone are responsible for our lives. 

And we live it only as we have it in our thoughts. 

And then everything will click for itself. 

Like it clicked for me ...