My Story of Spontaneous Recovery and Healing from Cancer ( My Journey to Health® Online Course short intro)


My story of Spontaneous Recovery and Healing from Cancer. 

From recurrent Cancer in its final stage and pronose 3 month to live.  

In the beginning - story full of fear, anxiety and bottomless nights. 

And finally, an incredible ending full of understanding, humility and healing. 

I have experienced Spontaneous recovery from Cancer. 

 No drugs and no doctors. 

Everything materialized in the My Journey Protocol®. 

Which is base stone and main pillar of a 7-day unique online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH®. 

Listen in peace next few minutes.  Listen to a short introduction to My story. 

Turn off your brain and turn on your Heart. 

Everything that should come to you will come to you. 

I wish uninterrupted listening to anyone. 

God bless you. 

Pavel | My Journey® Holistic Cancer Survivor

Author of the online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH® 

P.S. I apologize for my video just with english subtitles (in orriginal Czech languages). Please switch on your english subtitles in YT. I am in a process of shooting english spoken videos very soon. Thank you for understanding. Pavel | My Journey®

 * Footage *: 

00:00 Welcome - My story of spontaneous recovery from Cancer 

04:00 Everything is different and this also applies to the so-called incurable diseases.

 06:15 My basic view of the so-called incurable diseases. 

07:45 Spontaneous recovery from Cancer and what should you know about it? 

09:10 My Journey Protocol® - short introduction. 

09:40 My story of Spontaneous recovery from Cancer and how Cancer saved my life! 

14:20 The view of classical allopathic medicine or why we are only treated and not healed? 

15:20 What will lead us to healing from Cancer and other incurable diseases? 

17:10 My main goal and why do I do what I do? 

18:25 Why can't people help themselves or why is your Guide so important? 

19:40 My OBE (Out of the Body experience) and what preceded it? 

23:05 My strongest extracorporeal experience and why was everything decided there? 

25:00 Basic questions that people diagnosed with Cancer should ask themselves! 

26:55 And this is where My Journey with classical medicine ends. 

28:20 Our body is a divine thing! 

29:45 Shocking control test results or why don't doctors understand? 

33:50 Our life force (our life power) 

35:25 My opinion on C * vid19 and Coronav * rus. 

37:50 What does a person who wants to heal (and not just heal) understand? 

39:40 So what is Spontaneous Healing about? Don't look for any quackery :-) 

42:35 There are no incurable diseases! They are just ... 

43:10 My view of Death. 

45:15 My view of the veils and our so-called elite and its behavior towards juniors and seniors 

46:50 The importance of our family roots,parents, grandparents for our physical and spiritual Health 

47:55 Why the form of an online course? 

49:00 My "inner drummer" (Sixth Sense, Soul, ...) and its importance for our Health. 50:25 Something more about the online course MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH® 

52:00 Thank you and my final message for you. 

55:36 Conclusion