I have been diagnosed with Cancer. I want to go on My Journey. But I don't know what to imagine under purification - the Detox of the Soul.


Detox - purification of the Soul is my own expression, which describes the purification of all negative programs, experiences, experiences, the so-called skeletons in the closet, which negatively affect the state of our Being. 

Few people realize how the state of our subconscious mind affects the state of our Being. 

We do not consciously want to be a disease. 

We want to be happy, satisfied and, most importantly, healthy. 

Even fewer people know that what we experience every day is nothing more than the programs of our subconscious mind, on which we ride more than 90% of our every 24-hour day. 

Most of these, from the vast majority of negative programs, date back to our early childhood, when we were greatly influenced and "shaped" by our parents, grandparents, coaches, clergy, teachers. 

And we don't even know about them, we go on happily in adulthood. 

And we pass them on to our children. 

Most of us are "victims" of our parents 'upbringing, just as they have been victims of our parents' upbringing. 

Just as our children may be, but may not be, "victims" of our upbringing. 

It's hard to realize, I know. 

This area is one of the key areas of Detox for our mostly troubled Soul for years. 

And they can be prenatal experiences. 

The easiest way out of it? 

Forgive everything.

Forgive yourself, your ex-wife, your parents, ex-partners, father-in-law, or competitors or suppliers. 

Ask people to whom we may have unknowingly hurt forgiveness. 

Although they may not be among us anymore. It's working. 

I know, it's not easy. 

I experienced it myself, I went through it about 100 times with my dad. 

We didn't have the best relationship. 

It wasn't until I recovered from cancer that I realized that he was doing the best for me. 

I love him and so it will be until death. 

I went to see him after 20 years and told him in the eye. 

Even today, when I write this article, my tears drip. 

Our parents and our children are the most valuable things we have in the world. 

Parents are our roots, just as our children are the branches of our tree of life, of which we are the trunk. 

A tree that can dry out or grow into the sky. It's all up to us. 

About this and many other things is Detox Soul.