Have you been to the doctor since you decided to heal yourself? Have you been on a follow-up CT or PET since then?


No, I haven't been to the doctor since the beginning of 2018. 

Nor have I been on any follow-up CT or PET scans since then. 

And I don't even plan to go to him. 

I have no reason, I am healthy. I don't eat any medicine and I haven't been sick since. 

Since my extracorporeal experience at the end of 2017 (more on We are more than our body or the basic key to our healing from incurable diseases), I have been sure that I am healthy and will be healthy. 

I understood the principle of (in) power, which we call cancer. 

I understood that the healing (I do not mean cure) of every disease is fully in our hands. 

For healing we need only one thing and that is to find access to the omnipotent power of our self-healing, someone calls it the life force, our power. 

And where there is not much, sooner or later there is (without) power and immediately following (not) power. 

Please think about it ...