[Happy Mother's Day!] All the BEST to our Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts who have the privilege of being the Mother!


Our Mothers have been, they are and always will be the light of our Lives. We wish you Go(o)d Health and unrelenting energy for many years to come! We love you very much!

Until now (and I'm 52 years old) I feel an incredible bond with my Mom. 

This has always been the case, but after a series of my Out of the Body experiences and subsequent Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer, this bond is even more intense.

I realized that our Mothers are the future of our new generations.

A safe haven for all children of all ages.

We always feel safe in our mother's arms, precisely because she is our Mother. A part of our Self that never fades.

That's why we should all take care of our Moms. Like an eye in the head.

So they would make their children happy and entrenched in the environment we all call Life on Earth.

And that is the main role of us men, fathers, grandfathers.

Protect our women from the pressure of (not only the working) environment, from various gender-ideologies and feminist religions.

That is our main task.

Give them the peace of a family fireplace.

For their main role in life and that is the raising of healthy and mindfull children. 

Within properly functioning and happy families. With a satisfied mother and a proud dad, who as a "chief stares into the distance with his bow and arrow".

I love you Mom, for always and still being my strong support. For being able to feel your love and often invisible arm. I love you so much. I am and will be Your loving son. Forever.

Happy Mother's Day!

Pavel and My Journey®| For all Moms around the world