[Happy Easter!] Pavel and My Journey® wishes you Happy Easter filled with love and awareness!


The greatest Christian holidays - Easter every year passes on to us the message of love, well-being, peace, awareness, Faith and purification of our Body and Soul. 

Therefore, I wish to all of us, through the deep essence of the message of Easter (Crucifixion and the ressurection of Jesus Christ) conveyed to us, a deep awareness of the essence of our true Being. 

Purification from the dirt deposits and pollution, both of our bodies and our Souls. 

Cleansing yourself from the restlessness, worries, anxieties and fears that this challenging time brings. 

And to be focused on awareness and a deep introspection of our true Self, which often waits to be "reborn" in its true essence. 

I wish you all a Happy Easter in the circle of your beloved and your family members. Easter full of love, hugs of your loved ones. Easter full of true health, both physical and mental.

 Pavel and My Journey®