How to live our life meaningfully and in our internal harmony , not just as a sequence of life events ...


It seems each of everyone of us is living our so called our everyday life .....

An interesting question arises. Is our current life just a series of consecutive and somehow (un)controlled consecutive moments of Life? 

Personally, I think that no.

And my current experience, incomprehensible to many of life experience - recovery from an incurable disease - Cancer, tells me that it is certainly not that simple .

There are no coincidences in our life. 

What is happening to us in life is just an incredible entanglement of synchronicities organized in a special way and connected to each other.

Which we sometimes mistakenly call coincidences of life out of our misunderstanding and ignorance. 

As we each go through our daily lives, at a certain time in our life, let's say someone more intensively (someone less, someone more), instead of living "our" own life - we experience very emotionally.

For example, a period associated with the life story of some people very close to us or even public figures - celebrities , even more if he/she is a person with whom we very much identify.

Moreover, if it concerns something as valuable as our health. 

Hand on heart, let's admit that each of us wants to identify, at least sometimes in part, in our, not always satisfied and not always so full life, with our idol and live a little "his life",.

Easy, with a lot interesting people, as they say moments of recognition, fame and contentment, instead of living our own life that is offered to us every day.

A life full of health, joy, understanding, love and pleasure in the circle of our loved ones.

Unfortunately, we are strongly supported in this by the wide variety of different advertisements and messages of different people.

Politicians, doctors, healers, coaches, their promotions, various messages that roll on us from television, radio, social networks and try to sell us always and only their story and thus somehow obediently force us to incorporate their story into our lives. 

And since our childhood, we have often (un)consciously shaped our lives bent by this distorted reality constructed mostly by clever marketing consultants of large multinational companies. 

I also experienced such moments in my last setting and it wasn't always so bad.

During my 50 years of my life, I experienced steep climbs and deep falls.

A passion of building and then a bitter feeling of disappointment when what I planned did not succeed as completely as I had imagined. 

Building something that has almost always been influenced by the outside world.

Someone or something, a world full of wanting success, appreciation and satisfaction. 

Life was beautiful, filled with lots of great, bright moments, sometimes (in proportion to what we call success) also a pat on the shoulders pleasing our ego.

And sometimes warning, hostile or desperate (calling for our salvation) glances of my closest and special life circumstances, which over time, man, despite the clogged filters of our everyday life, ceases to perceive in some way.

However, what I called "my life" went on and I continued to build something, which in the end surprisingly turned out to be the least important.

And only at the moment when the real Life put a stop to me, as some of you could read in my story - My journey through an incurable disease - cancer.

And finally me, first only for a while (in my life it took about a year), but then after the return of Cancer in a much more threatening version for a slightly longer time (actually in a sense until now) he stopped and forced himself to think about his life so far. 

And thank you very much back to everything and everyone for finally having time to think.

For example sitting on a beautiful leather white chair, next to people who are breathing death on you, when a strange substance drips into your body from a huge bandask, after which you feel As a body without a soul, which doctors call chemotherapy.

It's time to just think about what we call "our life".

And realize one, at first glance hidden truth.

Our life is certainly more than just a series of random moments in life, where we all have a choice whether to be its creators or just victims. 

I did not understand this truth, which I now have deeply rooted in myself, in my past setting, I lived a life that was just an endless sequence of "random" moments of life.

Life withsome attributes we give to these moments as happy, unhappy, terrible, unjust , satisfied, unfulfilled.

With the more threatening discovery that the real, fulfilled and meaningful Life was somehow invisibly starting to run through my fingers at that time. 

I realized, as many other people realize, even important "life icons" for us, to which we sometimes look incomprehensibly and with them we often completely unnecessarily identify that our "life" somehow flew between our fingers.

In for many of us, the first children are often out of the house.

The second children have somehow grown up.

We say to ourselves how it is possible.

And come to one amazing and true thing, that what finally stopped the sequence of our thoughts and based on our thoughts the sequence of life events, mostly rushing into one big carom - there was no celebration at work in fulfilling the sales plan.

Nor our promotion, my daughter's birthday or a performance on Mount Everest, a single handicap in golf and no life anniversary of a loved one ....

That mirror is shocking and at first incomprehensible.

It is our disease, in many cases, with the attribute incurable. 

The mirror of our life so far, the relentless hourglass, which begins to steal the remaining time at a pace that we are often unable to understand for many reasons.

And not at all at the level of consciousness in which we find ourselves. 

Something we don't expect at all.

Iit comes like a bolt from the blue.

We don't know what to do with it.

We ask why and slowly but surely we find out and begin to understand that we flew through much of life as a mustang prairie and what we called life was just a series of (un) controlled life events.

Events which in the light of this "life wake-up call", which is our - mostly so-called incurable disease, is such a small, insignificant and negligible thing that was, somehow strangely, sniffed out against our will and he's definitely not here anymore. 

In the horror of this finding, we try to catch up or write books.

Finally marry our longtime girlfriend, who stood with us for better or worse, let us compose a song that we feel, mostly filled with remorse to sing with our loved ones.

Or in better case, just call the people we always wanted to call and didn't have the courage to do, and maybe just apologize to them for some things we didn't even want to do or say .

Or just internally start to blame where we were when our loved ones were, wife, children, parents needed. 

We want to take everything back, which of course is not possible.

And we ask our loved ones how it could (hell) happen and an apology of our ego, which quickly comes up, ie the answer that we made money to be better.

Unfortunately in this fear and the fear-filled period does not stand at all.

And it will happen to us.

Sometimes late and sometimes not.

Sometimes in cases of incurable disease it may be too late.

Not just because we do not want to live or do not recover.

But only because we succumb to our fully absorbing inner fear, surrounded by the paradigm of our materialist age and the carefully constructed phenomenon of so-called incurable diseases. 

But most importantly, we usually have no choice but to invade our lives invisibly, and that is our life energy. 

It is always called differently in different latitudes - qi, chi, prana, live ... 

Although it sounds incomprehensible, my personal experience has opened the door for me to doubt it all a bit and I really think that everything is a little different ... 

It is never too late to realize the current, mostly complex life situation, always and I say this with full consciousness, it is possible to start a new life, to recover or even to leave this life with dignity. No matter how long we have gone on our current path - to finally begin our true Life filled with love, understanding and compassion for ourselves, our loved ones and other people living together on our beautiful planet - Mother Earth, in our reawakened hearts.

I am grateful to cancer for showing me the way to my new life and teaching me to understand the sequence of all life events.

 The headline above sounds crazy.

And many people ask me again and again how I can pronounce this sentence composed of words that seemingly have no meaning at all. 

And that is the loop of our ego, our lower but very clever self, which constantly pushes us forward through our hitherto mostly only - material world.

Just to "have more and more" and to look for explanations of seemingly illogical and at first sight unfit things, only by our reason supported by the only (virtual) reality we see and share around us.

One well-known sage once told the great truth of life that "less is more and more is less." 

This wisdom of life from the moment when at the end of 2017, independently of each other, three doctoral capacities told me that I had 3 months of life left.

Then saturated with meetings with various, key to my life and especially great people and last but not least mine (incomprehensible to my mind).OBE (Out of the Body Experience) states.

Which in many ways have told me how to proceed.

I always have before my eyes and at the same time I am wonderfully lucky to experience this truth, as my beloved mother says - every day of God. 

I understood that true Life does not end in my 50s, with a life (in the short term) stuck in a dead end given by not understanding myself, the meaning of life and my life mission, and it does not end at all what we humans call incurable diseases.

This disease is our (mostly) last life "wake-up call" from what I call a certain kind of hypnosis.

Sweet hypnosis into which most of us (un)consciously fall.

Riding on the program of our subconscious mind, having a tremendous influence on us and strongly but invisibly supported by what I call (e) our collective consciousness, ie rather sometimes the collective (in)consciousness in the area in our country in which we live together. 

For many of us, it can be other way around.

The opposite is a carefully hidden truth.

For those of us who have been fortunate and have gone through an incredible catharsis in our lives that has turned our lives upside down.

A new Life begins by realizing ourselves.

Understanding the hidden nature of life.

Who I am, and what I would like to do in my (suddenly continuing in other life) life at such an intense pace that I had no idea about in my last setting.

In the circle of my beloved family, my wonderful wife and great children, to whom I owe my new Life.

Who, as I finally understood, are simply me and I are at the same time them.

Connected forever and so it will be until the end of our days together.

Gratitude, thanks and humility ... 

That is why I thank my loved ones with all humility.

And I am immensely grateful to the old wise lady, whom many call Cancer with horror in their eyes, for teaching me to understand my past life moments.

Which I called life until then, because with great tenderness and understanding for example, she explained what it is, I apologize for the very apt expression - "running like a squirrel in a drum".

A slogan that I like to use in my new Life and settings to explain the situation I have been in for the last few years.

Which let us admit that some of us run somehow slower or faster:

And, most importantly, she showed me where my life priorities are and where my path will go, the path of my new filled and meaningful Life. 

I sincerely wish you from the bottom of my heart to come to this life knowledge and awareness in a different way than I came to it.

Although I am very grateful for that, but many times in the past I do not listen, as my beloved wife rightly says - (angelic) the message that my past life sent me. Followed by the necessary encounter with this so-called (incurable) disease, which I would like to emphasize - never fought the way others think and how everyone around me tries.Because I am he understood that the fight against cancer is actually a hidden fight with himself, which unfortunately makes no sense.It is a fight without a winner.Where at the end of this senseless fight, there are always only losers, sadness and never-ending grief.

Agreement, Awareness, Forgiveness and Life Go on ... 

After understanding what it is like to be myself, I made an incredibly fair life agreement with my illness.

I told her that I finally understood everything.

Aand she just quietly told me that she was no longer needed in my life and was leaving as mysterious mirror into the lives of other people.

Not in order to end their complicated and often painful lives.

But in order to move their "lives" to other dimensions.

Which most people, using only our reason and our mind, mostly In the (wrong) way - little is known. 

I would like to thank once again from the bottom of my heart not only my wonderful wife and my wonderful children, who are my greatest teachers of life, but also all the events I call life synchronicities, for everything I could go through in the process of my awareness and subsequent spontaneous healing. Thank you to my heart, which is, after all, the gateway to our soul for all of us and my main compass, which takes my life boat forward along the river of life, which I can finally call my happy and especially meaningful Life ...

There are no coincedences in this universe and everything is as it meant to be ...